Jun 5, 2010

My baby's down with chicken pox

The very first blister....

It started at dinner.. my MIL went to Pasir Penambang to get some fresh seafood right off the fishing boats at wholesale prices and was preparing some steamed snapper, curried prawns and fried vegetables when Anne came up to me and showed me a blister.

It was like any other blister, but only it was on her abdomen. 

I remembered feeling a little suspicious of the rashes or ' insect bites' that seem to be appearing on her body and face . And then she was lukewarm. Had been having a mild fever, on and off the past few days only for me to treat her with panadol syrup for children.

That blister alarmed me, and immediately I told my MIL that I suspect my daughter is having chicken pox. Well, it happened to me about 10 years ago.

Hubby and I took her to the Chinese medical shop to get some herbs for drinking, for bathing and well, some calamine lotion. In this case, I trust the Chinese traditional shop more then just pure medicine as I went through that and got away without any scars or scabs.

And well, did my research on the internet.
And here are some tips I found which seem interesting and am using some of it... and sharing it all with my readers... who knows it might come in handy...

Chicken pox can leave a person scarred, and sometimes these scars can be very unsightly and can leave a person feeling unattractive. While you can diminish the severity of these scars over time, the surest way to keep your skin from scarring when you have chicken pox is to do the following:

* Avoid touching your pockmarks with dirty hands or avoid touching them altogether.
* Try to sleep in a single position by placing pillows on both sides of your body to help minimize the accidental removal of scabs when sleeping.
* Do not remove or pick at your scabs, and do not scratch them.

Reducing Scar Marks with Home Remedies and Natural Cures

If despite these precautions you still find yourself with chicken pox scars, the best thing you can do is to simply minimize their appearance.

Here are some tips on reducing these scars and making them fade over time:

* Try accelerating the fading of these scars with the use of coconut water applied to these scars with the use of a clean cotton ball. Do this every day.
* Another remedy you can use to accelerate the disappearance of these scars is sandalwood paste.

Apply this paste to the scars with the use of a clean cotton ball as well, and do this daily.

* Lemon juice has whitening and healing properties that can also be useful for treating chicken pox scars and minimizing them.
* Vitamin E has always been known to be good for the skin. Applying this vitamin to the scars you get from chicken pox can also help diminish them.
* Another natural scar remover or fader is honey. Apply natural honey to the spots where the scabs fell off and do this daily.
* Aloe vera is also well known for its healing properties. Use aloe vera on your healing scars daily. Use fresh aloe vera extract for better results. You can also use aloe vera ointments and lotions.
* Eat vitamin-K-enriched foods for better healing and to reduce the appearance of these scars. Foods that have this vitamin include spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, liver, dairy products, and cabbage. Lean meats and even turnips are also rich in vitamin K.
* Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will help keep your skin elastic and will also help with the healing process.
* Cocoa butter also has properties that promote healing and scar reduction. Use this on your scars as well.
* Tea tree oil can also be used to help fade scars that are caused by chicken pox.

Additional advices are: drinking coconut water, taking pearl medicine- can be bought at Chinese medical shops (proven trustworthy for me when I had my own share of chicken pox), no eating soya sauce or any black gravy or sauce, no eating eggs, prawns, chicken, crabs for fear of causing additional itch. And something to do with "daun Bambu" (not really sure what that is though... yet)


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