Jul 23, 2010

Daddy-cated to my husband...

I won, I won.... I won a consolation prize in the Tissot/Star father's day contest... and it was a lovely Tissot Watch...

Now the thing is, I do not have such a wonderful dad who inspires me, as my own father couldn't care less about me and never even sent a birthday card or inquire if I was ok, dead or alive..... but my husband did and whatever I wrote in the slogan, it was definitely dedicated to my husband who has given me the inspiration and trust that not all men are like my father , who upon divorcing my mother, choose to divorce his daughter as well. He did not care about me at all.

From the time he walked out on my mother and me when I was but three, he never bothered calling me, wishing me happy birthday, or even asked if I was alive. For all he knew, I could have been dead and buried and he never cared. That was the man who married my mother and fathered me.

My husband on the other hand showed me how dedicated, self sacrificing and loving a father can be to his own children and even his step children (my kids)

He would give his all for them, and probably, even lay down his life for them if need be. He is the sort who will give his last penny or ringgit to his children , irregardless of how hard life can be at times, for himself. Sometimes, I have to admit it does annoy me and make me envious but then again, I look deeper inside me and know I can never begrudge the kids this wonderful man. I am thankful and happy for our children that this wonderful man is their dear father/ step-father, and I doubt there can be a more loving father out there then him for them.

My only wish and hope is that his children , and mine can know how to appreciate the sacrifices their dad does for them and will be filial and good children who will always care for him in return until the end...

To my husband, Dzul Rashidi, in case you are reading this, I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful husband and a really marvelous dad to all our kids. Happy Father's Day... every day and I love you..

Wednesday July 21, 2010
Daddy-cated’ kids


TOUCHING, heartwarming and poignant. Such were the love declarations for daddy dearest in the recent Father’s Day contest jointly organised by Star Publications Bhd and Tissot.

The top 16 of the 3,300 entries received were finally selected after a difficult judging process.

They were each rewarded with a watch courtesy of Tissot during a prize presentation ceremony held at the watch brand’s boutique in MidValley Megamall recently.

Tissot brand manager Ian Lee said it was the first time the brand was participating as joint organisers with The Star for its Father’s Day contest.

“Tissot is well known for its men’s watches, which is why we came on board for this contest,” said Lee.

He said the watches which the 16 winners (first, second, third prize and 13 consolation) received today were priced at between RM590 and RM4,500.

“We wanted each of the 16 to have a different watch to showcase our variety of models so that we do not emphasise just one collection,” he added.

Star Publications advertisement sales head Chua Chee Beng said very often, fathers are “underrated” or even forgotten.

“Every year, The Star runs this contest to ‘publicise’ dads,” he said.

He added that the contest would not be successful without Tissot and that the entries were received online and through SMS.

“Though Father’s Day was last month, it is still not too late to present this watch to your dads,” Chua told the recipients.

Numerous participants had written slogans for their fathers who had passed on.

Among the judging criteria for the entries were creativity and genuineness.

Participants had to come up with a winning slogan that started with “I treasure the time with you dad...” in not more than 15 words.

Grand prize winner Melissa Wee, 42, was not present at the ceremony but was represented by her husband.

Her winning slogan read: “I treasure the time with you dad — Laughter you create, Love you generate, You’re ‘The Star’ I emulate, with Tissot, I Daddycate.”

Second prize winner Umadevi Vengdesh said her dad had a tough life when he was young as his family was poor and he was raised by a single parent.

“My father, who is 55 this year, is still actively working on his own.

“He is a disciplinarian but he is soft-hearted and loves us all,” said Umadevi, 31.

Her slogan was “I treasure the time with you dad as the pulse of our journey, that grips the heartbeat of my soul till eternity.”

Third prize winner was Sumitha Renganathan, 36, who was also not present at the ceremony.

The contest ran from June 9 to 22.


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