Jul 20, 2010

Singapore 2010 - Day 2

I barely slept. I awoke as early as 4.30am and watched as my baby slumbered on peacefully. I woke her up at 6 am and we ran downstairs to our hotel, the Tune Hotel to the 7 Eleven there to get some buns, a small box of milk and noodles. 

At 7am, we were waiting for our bus. It was however pouring cats and dogs and I got a little worried about the weather. Fortunately, I had brought an umbrella from home.

Got on our Odyssey bus and were on our way. Anne was delighted by the movie channels, and also the video games console found on board the bus. Very much like a plane.

my daughter and me in front of the universal studios globe...

We arrived at our destination, Resort World Sentosa at approximately 8.40am. It was still pouring. We gingerly made our way to the Universal Studio entrance, took some pics and then to the Forum and to the hotels nearby, namely Micheal Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa. On the way there, I found the Victoria Secret shop and made a mental note to check it out later.

among princesses in Far, Far Away.........

We were at the front of the queue at 10am when the gates of the Universal Studio opened. I was not surprised to find that Universal Studios was very much like Disneyland with the exception of , there were no Disney characters around, of course…

In the quiet street of New York....

We had a fun time, trudging into one store after another and one ‘area’ after another… from Hollywood, to Madagascar, to Far, Far Away, to Jurassic Park and Sci -Fi City, and New York… and of course, Waterworld...getting on whatever rides we can and which queue wasn’t more then a half hour’s wait..

Anne had a blast. She took lots of pics with Frankie, errr… Frankenstein…, the Penguin of Madagascar, Marilyn Monroe, Mel Diner’s girls, Kowabunga Kove dancers, Kung Fun Panda…

A picture for remembrance with Shrek and his lovely princess Fiona... really, beauty and the beast....errr.. Ogre...

But her highlight was when Woody Woodpecker came strolling down from New York streets and took her hand and lead her to Hollywood street and took a couple of pics with her, and when Fiona and Shrek called her “Princess”. And on, not forgetting the hugs she got from Puss in Boots and King Julien.

We went to see the ‘live’ action of Waterworld , but Anne was afraid because the baddies came out from the ring and were shooting guns, setting off “bombs” (pyrotechnics), and told me she did not want to see them again, at least until I sat her down to tell her those people were just all acting.

The adorable Puss in Boots...... =)

We had lots of fun at Shrek’s 4D show where we got ‘dirty’ getting sneezed by Donkey and also had paint “splashed” on us from Gingy’s painting his gingerbread house… and not to mention a bone jarring ride with Shrek and Fiona…. And arrghhhh….. “Spiders”…… on the floor….

Got some souvenirs for Anne and hubby, but couldn’t decide on what to get for myself and so ended up getting none, except for a couple of postcards and a key chain with a baby “Alex” the lion on it…and of course Universal Studios Singapore…

Got outside for a bit, checked out Hershey’s store and ended up buying a bag of Garretts Caramel Crisp popcorn for an exhorbitant price of 7 Sing dollars, but it was delicious, but a mite too sweet and worth it, I guess.. 

A walk back to the Victoria Secret shop satisfied my curiosity and also disappointed me as they only stocked up on selected items and most of it were the higher end panties… and not so my favourite scents… and that definitely costed more then the USA store or even Ebay… so I did not get anything….

Before we left Resort World Sentosa, took Anne to see the fame Singapore Merlion… then we were headed back to our hotel and also ready to go home to the boring, tiring and stressful reality….


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