Jan 7, 2011

Anne's School

My daughter Anne started Standard one or Grade one this year. It was exciting and equally nervewrecking for both her and me, made even more so by other equally anxious parents and kids.

Fortunately for Anne, she is somewhat familiar with her surroundings, thanks to my hubby's insight in sending her to the preschool there last year and has some friends she is familiar with, but unfortunately, not in the same class, as I thought.

Her 'boyfriend' in preschool, a cute little boy by the name of Adam was nowhere to be seen. I can only presume that he went to a different school or have moved somewhere else.

Of course, for my little diva, she got nervous on the 4th day when told we won't be overseeing her in the canteen anymore for recess time and started to pretend on how she did not know where the classroom, the canteen, the toilet and all were, whereas I knew she knew it all already..

Anyway, I hope she can just focus and be the best there is as I think the syllabus for Year One are now kinda mind boggling also with new syllabuses and such.. Such as Science and Technology, Sex Education, Arabic Classes and even Mental Arithmatics/Sempoa? Wow.. Hmmm

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