Jan 26, 2011

Back to my nerdy glasses.. Hmmm..

This evening, I went to pick up the pair of spectacles I ordered yesterday. It was my first pair of glasses since I was 20, I think. Wearing glasses back then was not fun at all .

 In fact it made me pretty nerdy and unpopular I think. Back then, I had such big and thick glasses, and I had bad memories of it.

15 years, I've avoided wearing glasses, and probably would continue to do so if not for some eye infection and irritation lately that made my husband insist I get a pair of glasses.

My first few minutes wearing it was hmmm... Surreal.. Things seemed smaller but clearer and sharper and my brain and eyes had to readjust themselves after being so used to just contact lenses and / or squinting away..

Let's see how things goes.. But one consolation, the frames are definitely smaller and cooler now and the lenses, though with a high power, are thinner now.. =p

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  1. Your glasses look okay, and if anyone gives you problems because of them, then they aren't worth your time. You look fine! :D *thumbs up!*

    ~ Laura.

  2. You look like a genius now :) :) a pretty genius :) Tell anyone who complains to bugger off.

  3. thanks Laura... for your encouragement =)

    Heather... a genius? who? moi??? oh lala.... hehehe...... thanks so much...


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