Jan 2, 2011


A friend of mine is selling this.... check it out... if interested , let me know... email me at : miera_pm2002@yahoo.com .. We post overseas..... =)

Why it's called Bedak Sejuk Muntah Belut baffles me. I did ask around before and was told that it's made from the froth the eel's "mouth" and mixed with Tepung Beras but i'm sure there's more to it. Will come up with my own formula soon insyaallah.

Well, here's the story....i started using this bedak from my first pregnancy when i broke out in horrible acne right up to my neck :( so my late ex mum in law gave me this bedak to use. Me being me, i love experimenting so then i had a bottle of unproceessed gamat (sea cucumber) and it stank...it put the stinkiest drain to shame mind you....oh so busuk! But i mixed a bit of both and dabbed it on my face.....it was itchy at first, and yes i had to tahan the smell, nak pengsan a few times, muntah tu but of course....but in 3 days...i had my baby skin back...Amin!

So it has worked it's wonder throughout the years....until i couldn't get anymore stock until recently when i found my supplier. It ain't easy to get this i tell ya. How i started selling this? Simply because my friends couldn't find it anywhere else. So i sold them part of my stock...and so on and so forth.And now it has become a business. Even the lulur i use is excellent too...and that's also available.

This Bedak is wonderful with acne and rashes. PLus it whitens and smoothens skin within a day of usage. It draws out the impurities and oils leaving u with a fresh feel....well at least that's how i feel la.....not exaggerating here. The bedak speaks for itself....

So anybody with any feedback....share it with us here.....:)
This bedak can be used by both male and female ya....:))
Toodles folks. (by Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil)


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