Jan 24, 2011

Cartoons can be 18SG too..

I was watching Tom and Jerry this morning with my daughter and it occurred to me how violent the cartoon series really is.

So in view to the above, I wondered why kids were allowed to view such cartoons when there are certain movies where one is banned from watching or that comes with the label of 18SG and so on too. Is it because it happens to be a cartoon or animation?

Just look at the countless ways Tom tries to kill Jerry or vice versa. And I am sure, not only Tom and Jerry is violent. 

There are a few more "violent" cartoons being aired over TV.
For the small kids, like my little girl, they think it is funny. 

For me, I am kinda torn between letting her watch her Tom and Jerry cartoon or simply changing the channels to something more mundane and harmless like Playhouse Disney or Nick Junior.

Your opinion?

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