Jan 13, 2011

Chinese New Year = Mandarin Oranges

It's the time of the year where many companies of East Asian countries give away cartons and cartons of mandarin oranges. To them , or at least to Chinese businessmen, it's the belief of giving and perhaps receiving 'gold' as the Mandarin Oranges signify.

Just yesterday, I was visiting a client of mine and saw dozens and dozens of cartons of mandarin oranges stacked in the conference room. And my client was not working in a Chinese run company. Quite the opposite. She was working for an American bank group.

Anyway , Mandarin oranges are sweet and juicy and less sour then the normal oranges. I bought a carton for my family's own consumption and my kids tend to take 1 orange each everyday!!! To those enjoying the mandarin oranges, have fun...

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