Jan 23, 2011

Escape for a good meal..

My hubby was bored, so he decided to drive to Tanjung Malim, a good 80kms away from Kuala Lumpur, just for a meal.

We drove there, taking about 45mins to arrive there. Tanjung Malim is basically a quiet, sedate town, with nothing much going on there except for some good local universities for teachers and educators. 

Nothing much except for.. "Yik Mun", a quaint little old "kopitiam" chinese style coffee shop, selling really delicious Hainanese food and also "pau". Little steamed dumplings with curry chicken, "kaya" or coconut egg jam, red beans and such.

Anyway, we got there and we ordered three of the "pau" and a plate of fried vermicelli, fried yellow noodles and also "yong tau foo" (or a selection of fish cakes, fish balls). For drinks, we ordered grass jelly or "cincau" and also lime juice.

The verdict? It was yummy as can be expected. And people take the trouble to stop by little Tanjung Malim just to go to this restaurant to have a good and reasonably priced meal. Our fried vermicelli and fried yellow noodles had lots of sliced fish cake and also prawns in it. The price for a meal for 5 people? Only RM38!!!

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