Jan 14, 2011

Facial treatment

I was selected to go test out a facial treatment service for a popular local woman's magazine "HerWorld" at the upmarket and well known beautycare centre, Aster Spring at KLCC. I went, excited and also nervous and terrified (terrified of the known painful extraction process).

The staff were very friendly and helpful and I was assigned to Ms Queenie who was my beautician for the few hours. Apparently, I was to suss out the anti aging treatment(Anti-Aging Lifting Facial for Fine Lines: Advanced non-surgical firming and rejuvenating treatment to maximize skin energizing and oxygenation for a smooth lifted appearance) and neck treatment (both which was worth about RM450), so I went along, got changed and hopped on the therapist table or bed and put myself in Ms Queenie's capable hands.

 3 hours later, I came out half dazed from stealing a few minutes nap here and there, with a red face from all the painful extraction process but satisfied. My sandpaper rough nose and uneven skin texture was all gone. The skin on my face, and even my nose was as soft and smooth like a baby's bottom!!!

Ms Queenie asked me to get changed, and helped me apply some foundation and make up to look presentable at my appointments which I had after that, gave me a few Dermalogica samples to bring home and sent me on my way.

It was a wonderful and relaxing treatment experience (excluding the painful but neccesary extraction process) and I really loved it. My skin definitely did.. I am sure.. :-)

Thanks Ms Queenie, Aster Spring and HerWorld for that wonderful experience...

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