Jan 3, 2011

First day of school

I missed my two older children's first day of school , as I was away and they were under the care of their paternal grandparents and father, so this was a totally new experience for me. My daughter Anne had just graduated from pre school and was not a first grader and it was somewhat a nerve wracking experience for both her and me, never mind she did that once before last year.

I think parents attending to the kids were just as nervous and excited as the kids or maybe more for the parents as I think the kids were just plain worried about what's happening next..
We attended the orientation yesterday and she was placed in her class. Unfortunately, there were like 10 classes to accommodate the near 350 students, and she did not find a familiar face as I thought she would (meaning her ex pre school classmates)

The new syllabus came as a shock as well. Abascus? Sex Education? Arabic classes? Science and technology at Standard One?? Are they going to grow up to be rocket scientists or astronauts or what? Oh my... During my days we were really in the blur, I guess... and nowadays kids are so much more advanced.

Anyway , what matters most is that she adjusted and is still adjusting to her school and her new classmates and teacher. They got a tour of the school yesterday and so, she more or less knows where she wants to go and so on.


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