Jan 27, 2011

Food review: kunang- kunang restaurant

My hubby and I stopped by the Kunang- Kunang restaurant along the Middle Ring Road, on the way back from work for an early dinner. He ordered a Nasi Goreng Petai and I ordered a Char Koay Teow (malay style which is wet).

The ambience was really laid back and pretty as a garden cafe could be but I think the food was a bit over priced. My Char Koay Teow was nothing much to shout about, and only had two prawns, a little cockles and an egg but it cost RM11.90. 

Maybe my husband's Nasi Goreng Petai (stinky bean fried rice) was more worth it since it has two prawns, some slices of mango, salad, a piece of fried chicken wing and came with a small bowl of soup.

The bill came up to about RM20 including drinks but the verdict? Food was not really super yummy, but ok, a bit pricy I feel, but well, people come here for the nice ambience , I guess..

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  1. wow....char koay teow....my favorite but anyway its a bit pricy.....


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