Jan 31, 2011

For the love of labels

When I was in my twenties, I was mad over labels. I remember going 'crazy' over labels such as TopShop, Guess, Miss Selfridge, FCUK, and a few other labels.

The desperation was there that I really had to own something, anything as long as it was so called 'branded'. I could or would be spending almost an hour in a boutique, searching for something or anything that I like, which had to suit my pathetic budget and which must have that brand label on it.

I of course often ended up with junk, that after a while, I find I just had no use for.

Then I would be trawling Chinatown or Batu Ferringhi night market in search for knock offs, usually knock offs of higher end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and so on, but then a couple of weeks or so, I would be disappointed by the quality as knock offs often have their flaws and many are not really 'lasting'. Sooner or later, the zipper would get stuck, the button would drop off or something.

Then I learnt to be more thrifty and smart. There was the era of 2nd hand clothings, which in Malaysia was called 'Bundle' clothings. It was a treasure hunter's delight. I could indulge in buying a variety of brand for very affordable prices. I got lots of great stuff there, but I also learn never to buy shoes or bags from 'Bundle' . Just clothing.

 I can get a pretty nice 2nd hand shirt from Ralph Lauren or Banana Republic or even Liz Claiborne for between RM10 to RM20. 

Of course, you have to take the trouble to search for it as it's kind of hard sometimes to find something you would like, that suits you and that can also fit you. 

Before 'Bundle' I used to check out charity shops overseas like Oxfam, Salvation Army and so on. I also adore checking out flea markets and also jumble sales, especially when the socialites are donating their clothing and such for charity sales. 

I once got away with a lovely Aigner shirt and also a pretty Stuart Weitzman clutch for less then RM100 (for both) whereas in reality they costed an arm and a leg (at least they do for people like me).

Don't get me wrong, I do still splurge a little here and there for nice brands like Padini, M&S, Raoul, GAP, Guess, Jaspal and so on at times.

For my handbags and shoes, I've learned from my husband to get good quality leather goods from Clarks or such. Or just go for trustworthy Bata shoes (my favourites) and tasteful and nice 100% leather bags (could or does not have to be branded) that I can use anywhere and anytime.

So you see, I guess I learned the hard way, but with age, have gotten smarter with my purchases. I love what I get nowadays, and they are usually classic pieces that are evergreen for me, whether 2nd hand or brand new and I am not such a fashion victim nowadays, and it kinda half amuses me and also I do feel sorry when I see someone who is a fashion victim.

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