Jan 24, 2011

A glimpse of a "pasar malam" Malaysian style night market..

I like going to the "pasar malam" or night market. It can be a fascinating place where you can find a myriad of things or food on offer.

I went there this evening to get dinner for my family. For RM18.. I came back with 2 pcs of Apam Balik (malaysian pancake made with crushed peanuts, sugar and corn), 3 packets of Nasi Lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk, served with anchovies, chilli paste, cucumber and half and egg), 1 packet of Char Koay Teow (flat white noodles fried with cockles, prawns, eggs) and some Yong Tau Foo (assortment of fish cakes, fishballs etc)...

Other things you can find there would be vermicelli soup, fried noodles, kebabs, soya bean drinks or curd, syrupy drinks, bread assorted cakes, kuih and so on. One can also find clothing and shoes, both new or "bundle" (2nd hand), melamine or plastic cutleries, cheap toys, sometimes pirated CDs and VCDs, chinese prayer incense, paper, Muslim clothings, cloths, stickers, bags and so on.. And wet market groceries; vegetable, fish, prawns, beef, chicken, etc.

However, you can also find syndicated beggars around. Myanmar or Thai women carrying a child to get sympathy from passerbys and money. You might even encounter pick pockets if you're not careful.

But whatever it is, it is fun to come to the "pasar malam" sometimes...

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