Jan 7, 2011

Kids these days..

Kids these days have it easy and have life handed to them on a silver platter unlike kids my time.

Kids these days are actually very spoilt, maybe it's because parents like me, who may have been deprived of the little fancy stuff we desired, tend to give in to our little ones because we can afford to or because of peer pressure.

Look at kids these days. Many of them have handphones, laptops, PSP, oh wait.. Not just handphones. The kids from upper middle class or rich kids don't merely have handphones. They have the latest models or even Blackberries or iPhones.. Models that even I myself, a working adult, can only look on wistfully knowing it's way out of my budget. 

And then they turn around and complain they are misunderstood, that their lives are such tragedies.

Huh.. Just because they got nagged by their parents or such.. Me, my time, I was hit within an inch of my life for any trangressions. There would be cane marks or pinch bruises on my thighs and back if I were to be rude to my elders. I once stuck a tongue at my mother and got slapped for the effort.

Now you can't hardly even lay a finger on your kid or if you are a teacher, on the student or you could be reported for child abuse. Last time delinquents in school would get whacked on the backside with the approval of the parents. 

Kids my time had to work hard to help parents with chores, washing clothes, dishes, helping mother with shelling the prawns, sweeping and mopping the floor and so on, but nowadays? I know of a few kids who hardly lift a finger to do that!! That is how spoilt kids today are. 

Who do we have to blame? Us the parents for giving them maids, and doing everything for them when we should be making it a habit for them to do their part when it come to chores. There are some well brought up kids who help their parents do chores and such. 

My kids are no exception, they do their part, at least the girls do.. I am ashamed to admit my son, who is living with his grandmother who dotes on him hardly lifts his finger to do his part of work around the house, not unless he is down staying with me for the holidays, then I would be chasing him around and making him do work. 

I do not believe in overspoiling the kids. My eldest girl was once lazy too and she even complaint to her dad that I treated her like a maid, just because I made her do housework. But now, that she is living with me, she helps out with chores and such.

What do you think.. Are kids today spoilt or what?

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