Jan 8, 2011

Me, myself and I

I am not being narcistic here but well, to whomever who reads this and would like to know about me,( whether you're an old school mate, an old friend, a curious reader, a new wanna be penpal or a fellow 'tagger') in the year 2011, this is ME..

I am Miera. I am 35 years old now, turning 36 middle of this year. Born in the year of the Rabbit, and the horoscope of Cancer the crab (not the disease)

I am happily married to my husband of 7 and a half years.. And we have a total of 5 kids.. His: Daniel and Alyssa, age 21 and 16; mine: Suria and Adam, age 15 and 14 and ours: Anne who is 6 now, and just started school.

We have a beautiful and nice 'blended' family where every one gets along pretty well with everyone else. Even his ex wife and me, we are good friends.

I work as a mutual fund agent, has been in the same business /line since 2002.It's also where I met my husband.

My past times are reading (which is also my stress reliever 'pill'), listening to the music, watching movies and well, some window shopping. I love travelling and wish fervently that I could do more travelling if I could. I also love photography. I am just an amateur but I enjoy it immensely. If there were 3 inanimate things I could not live without it would be books, my BB and my camera..

I find pleasure in fantasy worlds like those vampire/ were wolves or creatures created by Charlaine Harris, Laurell K Hamilton and Stephenie Meyers. I also enjoy Harry Potter, LOTR, fairies, butterflies, unicorns, horses, dolphins, native american history, celtic, nordic, viking, greek mythology, historical sites, buildings and such. I guess I am a child at heart as I love cute stuff, Hello Kitty, Diddl, Tatty Teddy aka me2u bear, Lisa Frank, Suzy's Zoo, Care Bears, Little Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.

I love collecting pretty stuff and I love souvenir t shirts, fridge magnets and keychains, so if a friend or a relative went overseas and got me any of the above, it would made me very, very happy and I would treasure that as much as a designer item!!!

I am not a diamond or gold jewellery person though, and prefer pearls to diamonds.

I also love entering contests and would do that from time to time to try my luck, so far in the past I've been lucky to get a few pretty wonderful stuff for FREE!!

I love snailmailing and swapping stuff with my pals. I like to think I am a decent person and would return any favours of swap with reasonable swaps too. I think my long term pals who had been generous to me would find me generous as well.(Any complaints?)

I love my husband, my family and my job. I guess I do need to put more focus in my job and that should be and would be my resolution for this NEW YEAR.. That and losing about 10kg. I am not that FAT, but I admit I would look a damn lot better minus 10kg.

Hmm.. What else can I say? Basically I think I am quite contented with life. I am not rich, but through my husband, am rich with family members and extension family members. 

I am quite comfortable and am happy doing what I do and I am lucky to have quite a number of wonderful people surrounding me..Life could be better but even if it maintain being just this way, I have nothing much to complain except maybe for a few 'black sheep' hmmmm ..

I guess that's just about all for now about me.. :-)

Thanks for reading and getting to know me..

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