Jan 26, 2011

Of crooks and cheats and conmen over cyberspace..

Can you actually believe this email I got this morning(see below)? Anyone want to "help" poor Azmi here?

For me, call me selfish or what, I like to think I am cautious. I will NOT.

In the first place, I do not even know Azmi here. Second of all, there are just so many crooks nowadays using the internet to extort or cheat people of their hard earn money and many of them are Africans (no offense meant to some of
the innocent Africans) who pretend to live in some respectable area and fool members of the opposite sex and so on. And lastly, I am not rich. I work hard for my money and whatever money I have is just sufficient for me to feed my family, and pay the bills and for me to indulge in the little things I like.

Just recently, a friend of mine had a narrow escape. She was "befriended" by a "British" guy and even had a picture of him. He even let his "mother" talk to my friend. He wanted to start a business and sweet talked my friend into it. He was upset and furious when she told him she wasn't going to do it. And then my friend started getting suspicious when a lot of the guy's stories did not quite add up and asked another friend who was also being 'courted' by the same guy.

Anyway, I have at least 2 to 3 of these so call "cry for help" emails or emails wanting to give me a huge chunk of money.. Millions and billions by some disposed, deceased or captived leader of some country or so on..

Then I had another friend who was contacted over Facebook by someone who claimed she was an ex colleague of his. And she told him which company they worked in together. Then she claimed she was overseas and in trouble, just having being mugged or something and asked my friend for money. 

Taking a pity on her, my friend asked her for her hotel telephone wanting to pay the hotel bill for her via his credit card but she evaded the question, arousing his suspicions. Finally, thinking quickly, my friend asked her who their boss was at the company they worked in and she just could not answer, confirming the fact she was a liar all the while.

Recently, I had a Facebook friend I added randomly send out a mass message via the Facebook inbox asking for sympathy and assistance for him to undergo some surgery or something. Naturally, I deleted it and 'unfriend'ed him..

So, sorry Azmi, even if you are really legit, I can't afford to help as I do not have that much funds and I won't help as I do not know you. Good luck elsewhere.

To my friends, reading this, be very cautious dealing with such people and NEVER give out your bank account number unless there's no money there or your credit card details or so on to anyone at all!!

~~(original email received) How are you and your family? I'm optimistic all is well with you. I'm really sorry to have reached out to you like this and for not informing you about my trip to Spain. I also came across a business proposal at the seminar and it is a very lucrative one. 

Well I still have the time to discuss the whole details with you. I have a pressing and urgent need right now and I thought it expedient for me to let you know about it. Just yesterday night, I and my friend happened to be a victim of these silly robbers right in his flat, although we were not hurt. I'm very fine but my mobile phone and my luggage were taken. My Cards and some other vital documents were inside my suitcase. We have reported the case to the police. 

I have also been to our embassy and they are willing to help by letting me fly with my passport, I just have to pay for another ticket.I need some fund to sort out my bills but I can't have access to my money without my cards, I've made contact with my bank but they need more time to come up with a new one. Please I want you to lend me a sum of 2500euros or any amount you can afford. I will refund you with interest upon my arrival back home. Kindly let me know if you would be able to help me with the money or any amount you can afford. I can forward you details on how you can get the money transfer to me via the western union money transfer service. 

Please get back to me via my email as soon as you receive my message. I will expect your response soon.--Thanks and regards,--Azmi~~

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  1. Sounds like a scam to me my dear :)

  2. precisely what I though Heather... thanks for dropping by... =)


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