Feb 1, 2011

The personality of rabbit people

In Chinese mythology the rabbit is the emblem of longevity. People born in the year of the rabbit are believed to personify the personality traits of that animal.

I have gathered together a number of the words commonly used to describe many traits associated with rabbit people:

calm, reserved, sensitive, compassionate, creative, good mannered, strong willed, possesses an aversion to confrontation, self controlled, discrete, peaceful, understanding, precise, sociable, over cautious, occasionally moody, occasionally temperamental, comfort loving.

The personality of rabbit people is also affected by the element assigned to their year of birth...

-Wood would be more moral and ethical, cooperative, progressive, generous, compassionate,
-Fire would be more enthusiastic, passionate and outspoken, emotional, restless
-Earth would be more sensible and prudent. wise, serene, logical, disciplined, grounded
-Metal would be more ambitious, determined, unyielding, persevering, constant
-Water would be more creative and imaginative, alluring, aware, persuasive,

How accurately does this describe you or someone you know was born in a Year of the Rabbit?...

Rabbit lucky gemstone


Rabbit lucky colour


Most compatible signs for Rabbits

Sheep, Dog and Pig.

Most incompatible signs for Rabbits

Rooster and Horse

People born in the Year of the Rabbit include: Slim Dusty (singer), David Moore (photographer), Orson Welles (director), Ingrid Bergman (actress), Bart Cummings (racehorse trainer), Arthur Miller (playwright), Ray Barrett (actor), John Howard (former Prime Minister), Brett Whiteley (artist), Phillip Adams (broadcaster), Angelica Huston (actress), Dusty Springfield (singer), Evonne Goolagong Cawley (tennis player), Geoffrey Rush (actor), Angelina Jolie (actor), Tina Turner (singer) and Alexander Downer (politician).


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