Feb 3, 2011

Bintang dan Kejora pics and story in English

KEJORA(Alyssa Soebandono) (19) is a girl who has everything. She is pretty, cheerful, optimistic, and rich. She went to school in Japan. Mr RYAN (Mathias Muchus), her father, is a well known business man in Jakarta. Her mather has passed away. Kejora has a younger sister named BINTANG(Amanda) (15 years old) who has autism. However, Bintang is very good at playing the piano. Ryan is then remarried to HANIFA(Cut Keke), a widow with one child named JANET(Eva Anindita).
One day, while Kejora is flying back to Jakarta, her suitcase gets switched up with ERLANGGA’s (Baim Wong), the grandson of GAUTAMA(Mieke Wijaya), a rich, yet very stubborn and needy woman. What Kejora doesn’t know is that Erlangga is in fact the boyfriend of Janet, her stepsister.

Mr. Ryan on the other hand, is facing a huge financial crisis in his company. He always hides the fact that he is facing bankruptcy from his daughters.
Secretly, Kejora has a boyfriend named JOEL (Rio Reifan), who is very materialistic. Joel has a brother named FITRA (Lucky Perdana) who admires Kejora.

One day, when going to get a loan, Ryan was robbed. During the robbery, an accident happens and one of the robbery is killed on the fire. Ryan then gets an idea that if he pretended to be killed in this accident, his family will get a huge insurance settlement and be out of this financial crisis. He pretends to be killed. Kejora was devastated with the news. After Ryan’s “death”, Kejora’s relationship with Hanifa is becoming very tense. Until one day Hanifa throws Kejora and Bintang out of their father’s house.


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