Feb 22, 2011

recipes to try: mix vegetables (popia/pie tee filling)

Hmm.. at present moment I don't know what to call this dish of mine. However, it is made from turnips (sengkuang), carrots, onions, garlic, shitake mushrooms and prawns. You can add some dried cuttle fish strips if desired.
It can be eaten just like this, or made into 'popia' or spring roll filling or 'pie tee' or top hat filling with a bit of sambal belacan..

I've already mentioned the ingredients.. But here goes again..

1/2 a turnip peeled and cut finely in strips
1 carrot peeled and cut finely in strips (alternatively, like lazy me, I just use a grater)
Dried Shitake mushrooms (a handful)- soaked
Dried cuttlefish strips (a handful/ optional) soaked
1 medium sized onion, sliced finely
3- 4 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
A teaspoon of chicken stock powder
A tablespoon of oyster sauce
Half a handful of small shrimps
1/2 cup water

Heat wok with about 2-3 tablespoon oil, then add in onions and garlic. Stir fry until fragrant. Add shrimps, stir for about 2 mins. Add the chicken stock powder and 1/2 cup watern and the oyster sauce. Stir fry until even and fragrant. Add cuttlefish strips( if any) , and the soaked shitake mushrooms. Then add in the turnip and carrots. Stir until everything is evenly mixed and serve hot. Sprinkle and garnish with some fried shallots and chilli if preferred.
If preferred can be served with sambal belacan and salad lettuce.

My daughters love this dish a lot and can eat it just like that. So come experiment and enjoy.. :-p


  1. just a sharing - try adding some thin stripes of carrots inside, add colour and crunchiness too.

  2. there is carrots there but yeah.. a good idea.. additional raw carrots for garnishing is a fantastic idea...


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