Feb 19, 2011

Kejora and Bintang..

.. (Taking up from where we left off)
Bintang rushed Kejora to the nearest hospital with the help of Anantha.
Kejora's injuries were bad and she 'died' . Bintang rushed Anantha home to play her signature tune for Kejora, which made her turn back and live again.
Janet went to Erlangga to ask him to return to Nenek gautama's home and bragged on how Kejora was going to die soon, rousing Erlangga's suspicions.
Janet and her mother Hanifah roped in Minah's help to keep Bintang away from Kejora and gave Minah poison to administer to Bintang, just so Bintang can be easily managed and kept away from Kejora.
Minah called Anantha and told him his parents were back and were demanding an explanation as to why Bintang's things were in the spare room.
When Anantha and Bintang was home. She handed Bintang the food with poison but in coaxing Bintang to eat, Anantha ate the food and fell unconcious.
Meanwhile, Nenek Gautama was really worried about Kejora and sent her men out to look for her. Rino, her personal driver and assistant found out Kejora was in hospital and they rush to see her. Nenek sat for a bit and left, forgetting her handbag.
Rino saw Erlangga and reminded Erlangga that Kejora is not that bad and that she is sincere and helpful.
Janet, waiting for an opportunity to strike, waited until Nenek left before going to Kejora's room and pulled the UV drip off and tried to smother her with a pillow.
Just then Erlangga arrived to chaos, and Janet ducked behind the door to hide. Erlangga quickly tried to fix back the UV drip only to have Nenek Gautama, his grandmother walk in on him. Immediately, she dragged him out and slapped him, accusing him of trying to murder Kejora. Janet managed to escape the chaos unnoticed. Erlangga was chased away again, disappointed in his granmother's lack of faith in him.
Minah had managed to lock Bintang in her room and dragged her off to Hanifah and Janet's house.
Erlangga curious and worried about Kejora's condition made another trip to the hospital to visit her. He read verses from the Quran for her and roused her from her coma. Just when he left, Fitra came to visit and saw him. Kejora saw Fitra and asked if it was him who read the Quran for her, but he said it probably was Erlangga.
Bintang manage to escape from the toilet where they dumped her and locked her and Hanifah gave chase only to stumble upon her husband Rian.
Rian asked Hanifah how his children were and Hanifah said they were in Melbourne together. Somehow Rian suspected something amiss.
Meanwhile, Kejora went back to work after recovering and made up her mind to find Erlangga to bring him back into the house and the company.
Erlangga then paid a visit to his grandmother who challenged him and gave him a job as Kejora's assistant to teach him a lesson.
Meanwhile while meeting a client in a restaurant. Kejora saw her father who had actually went there to see Hanifah and Janet only to leave after realizing how they betrayed him. Unfortunately, Hanifah and Janet stopped her from approaching him and admonished her. Erlangga came to the scene and heard Kejora calling Hanifah 'mama' and demanded the truth of their relationship, but Janet jus denied having any relationship with Kejora and Kejora went along with it. Then she rushed out and went in search of her father, missing him by minutes. Her behavior baffled Erlangga who couldn't resist pointing it out in a sarcastic way.... (To be continued..)

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