Feb 27, 2011

Kejora and Bintang..

(... Continuing...)
Kejora missed seeing her father or meeting him..
Just as Erlangga was irresistably drawn to Kejora's sincerity and kindness, he caught Janet burning pictures of Kejora and her and Janet pretended to tell him that Kejora was in reality a very sly and evil person. She was rich and pretended to be poor and that she threatened Janet and so on. (I know it sounds far fetched, but that's the way the story seems to go)
Anyway Erlangga's concience thinks that Kejora was kind and good to Nenek and so on, even if he refused to admit it to himself and still maintain his sarcastic self.
Meanwhile, Bintang was again kidnapped by Hanifah and Janet and locked in one of the bedrooms. Just then Pak Rian happened to found out where Hanifah and Janet was and paid them a visit. He heard Bintang banging on the door and crying for help but Janet quickly pulled her into a cupboard and turned on the radio, so a quick thinking Hanifah told her husband he was just imagining things and quickly chased him out of the house, threatening to call the police on him.
Rian went back to his working place, and when he saw some cops around, began to panic and mumbled some excuses to Fitra who was baffled at his strange and suspicious behavior.
Nenek Gautama sent Erlangga for another business deal but he stumbled upon Minah who was picking up a big portrait picture of her boss, and the portrait enthralled Erlangga. He ran after Minah as the woman in the portrait was actually his mother, who had ran away and left him all these years after hitting Kejora and Bintang's mother with their car.
In the process, he dropped the food sample he was suppose to pass to the client and went back to the office to find his grandmother angry and disappointed.
Nenek Gautama then called a meeting and in front of all the shareholders, directors and both Erlangga and Kejora, she announced that she would be leaving the whole company to Kejora, who was shocked to the core, as Kejora had thought Nenek was only supposedly pretending to do so to teach Erlangga to be more humble, patient and dedicated to his company.
On hearing that Kejora was now the unofficial boss of the company, Hanifah pretended to mend fences with her, asking her for forgiveness and also inviting her back to the house. Then she told Kejora to give back the company to Erlanggan so Janet can be happy which aroused kejora's suspicions. At the same time Minah came by the restaurant and saw Hanifah and approached them.
Hanifah pretended not to acknowledge Minah, making Minah confused and in her attempt to remind Hanifah who she was, Minah blurted out that she was the one who helped Hanifah to keep Bintang away from Kejora.
In a fit of anger, Kejora announced to her step mother that she was accepting the company from Nenek and if need be, she would rather snatch control of the company rather then to let the company fall into Hanifah and Janet's clutches, not realising Janet was recording what she was saying on her mobile phone.
Janet took that recording, edited it and took it to Erlangga to prove her point that Kejora was a sly greedy person and Erlangga was even more convinced. However he refused to give the tape recording to Nenek Gautama citing Nenek's weak heart and swore instead to work hard to get his rightful inheritance back, much to Janet's frustration.
Nenek agreed to give Erlangga another chance seeing his passionate appeal and sent Kejora and Erlangga off to work together on an abandoned restaurant out of town.
Bintang having gotten away from Hanifah and Janet, whilst looking for Kejora was hit by Anantha's driver and fell unconcious on the spot, so the driver, having recognized her, picked her up and drove her back to Anantha's house right into Minah's clutches.
Meantime, Kejora and Erlangga were driving out to some remote area to research some menu and details for the restaurant they we're put in charge of when an argument put Erlangga out of control of the car and they crashed into a ravine, but not before Erlangga manage to push Kejora out of the car and jumped out of the car himself. He came to to find Kejora knocked out, and carried her safely to the side of a road, trying to rouse her from her unconciousness and also get help.
Minah gleefully informed Hanifah and was told to get Bintang out of Jakarta. She managed to smuggle Bintang away to an isolated village but Bintang manage to get escape after feeling that something had befallen Kejora.. She hitch a ride with a small lorry heading to town, and was convinced Kejora was somewhere near by, because of her flashes, but when she saw Erlangga flagging down the lorry, she panicked as she remembered seeing Erlangga with Janet before and feared Erlangga was out to get her too. So the lorry sped by, much to Erlangga's frustration and Bintang's relief. But again, Bintang missed seeing her sister.
Just then Kejora regained her conciousness to Erlangga's relief and he hugged her.
Nenek, unsure of what to do after a short cryptic phone call from Erlangga, called Janet and made her go look for Fitra in the hope he could assist them in knowing where Kejora and Erlangga's location.
Janet wanted to refuse but was threatened with getting sacked, so unwillingly she went to search for Fitra only to come face to face with her stepfather, Rian. She insulted him and he raised his hand as if to strike her when Fitra passed by, baffled at his normally quiet employee's behavior again.
Caught in action, both Rian and Janet just denied any connection and janet added that Rian was just rude to her.... (To be continued... )
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