Feb 16, 2011

Kejora dan Bintang

Because of my daughter, I ended up being trapped into doing the thing I swore I would not do.. Watch and follow a TV serial. In this case, 72 episodes of "Kejora dan Bintang", an Indonesian serial drama.
The story plot is fascinating even if it's painfully dragging and the actors and actresses are all good looking people or "eye-candy" from Alyssa Soebodano playing the part of poor unfortunate rich girl turn poor, Kejora and Baim Wong playing the part of haughty rich boy Erlangga.
The story is about Kejora who is a rich man's daughter. Kejora has a sister, Bintang who after witnessing her mother getting knocked down and dying on the spot by Erlangga's (who was a little boy back then) mother , going half mad and autistic. After the death of Kejora and Bintang's mother, their father moved on and married a selfish gold digger Hanifah, who also has an equally opportunistic and selfish daughter Janet.
Kejora had just completed her studies in Australia and was going home when her bag got mixed up with Erlangga's. Along the way, her father, Rian, a businessman, had fallen into dire straits and went to borrow some money but ended up being robbed and a tragedy happened that left a dead charred body everyone took for granted was Rian. After the supposed death of Rian, Hanifah showed her true colours and chased her step children out of their house,telling them that they were destitute, sold off the house and claiming a lot of insurance money and moving away to a different place. Fearful of her step daughters, she made the decision to split them up, kidnapping Bintang and throwing her away in a village away from Kejora who looked high and low for her missing sister.
Kejora's boyfriend Joel, upon learning that she was destitute, dumped her without a backward glance whereas his younger brother, Fitra, fell in love with her on first sight and kept being her friend through out her time of need, harboring feelings for her.
Janet, Kejora's step sister has started sinking her hooks into Erlangga, knowing he was the only grandson of Nenek Gautama, a very rich businesswoman.
One day, Nenek Gautama, for whatever reasons known to herself, dressed in simple clothings and took a tray of food to go and sell on the roadside. It just so happens that she chose the site where Kejora was also selling her rice with some other people and got chased away. She fell down and hurt her head and couldn't remember who or where she was. Kind hearted Kejora took care of her and brought her home to her rented room. In the meantime, Kejora still missed her sister and continued searching for her.
She bumps into Erlangga and sparks flies for all the wrong reason. Erlangga, used to getting his own way and of women tripping over themselves to be near him treated her with disgust, fueled by Janet's hatred.
Erlangga having lost his grandmother tried looking for her but only to bump again into Kejora inciting more vitriol and anger at both ends.
Nenek Gautama, staying with Kejora eventually regains her memory but decided to play dumb in the hope of 'testing' Kejora until Kejora gets chased out of the rented room they lived in, and losing Kejora the interview Kejora was suppose to have with Fitra's company, just to find out if Kejora is really that sincere, caring and had the mettle she(nenek Gautama) seen in her (Kejora). Nenek then leaves Kejora heartbroken, bewildered and alone as she returns to take the reigns up again in her company. At Kejora's worse moment, Nenek invites her into Nenek's life and gave Kejora a job and insisted she stays with Nenek in the big bungalow Nenek resided in with Erlangga. Naturally, Erlangga liked it not one bit and insisted Kejora was nothing more then an opportunist and a gold digger.
Along the same time, Bintang escaped her fate and was rescued by a handsome young man known as Anantha, who took it upon himself to be her hero. He saved her, took care of her and sent her for psychiatric treatment until she eventually got better.
The relationship between Nenek Gautama and Erlangga her grandson became fraught with tension as two proud and haughty characters refused to back down and give in nor let on they truly cared about each other. Nenek believed her granson to be a wastrel and uncaring of her, thus chasing him out of the house without a car or money.
Nenek Gautama manage to get Kejora into a spot on TV to advertise for her sister's return and Bintang saw it. Luckily Anantha was there to help bring her to her sister, but the maid Minah, who was also under both Anantha and also Hanifah's employ alerted Hanifah to it. Hanifah and Janet hit Kejora with their car. Bintang and Anantha rushed to her rescue but Kejora had fainted but after she had a glimpse of her beloved sister...

... To be continued....
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