Feb 24, 2011

Nasi Uduk complit at Esteler 77

I tried this dish once before when I was staying at the Johor Bahru Tune hotel and I liked it. So it was to my pleasure when I came across this Indonesian restaurant again here in KL, next to Central Market where the old McDonald used to be.
Despite promising myself that I would be seriously rationing my rice intake, I could not resist ordering the nasi uduk which is technically the Indonesian version of our Nasi Lemak. Ioved the sambal and it was not enough. I had to request for more . Only one tinny complain though, errrmmm.. The sambal was too mild and not spicy at all, as compared to some Ayam penyet spicy sambal, I have tasted, which can really bring tears to your eyes (both from the delicious taste and also for the extremely spicy taste)..
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