Mar 22, 2011

Bintang and Kejora.. Continuing where we stopped...

Janet and Hanifah attacked Kejora and threw her over a bridge into a raging river. Rian, Hanifah's husband and Kejora's father saw that and pushed Hanifah and Janet aside and jumped into the river but could not find Kejora. So he got out and went to give both Hanifah and Janet and piece of his mind. His anger got better of him and he was choking Hanifah, but Janet hit him with the car steering lock which caused him to collapse unconcious.
Quickly, the two evil women bundled him into the boot of the car and drove off, not before Bintang saw what happened and rushed to their home to see her father.
Seeing her father's condition she begged Hanifah to send Rian to the hospital.
Meanwhile, Lena, Kejora's room mate got worried that Kejora had not returned and alerted Fitra, who thought she would be at Erlangga's place and rushed there to find her not there.
Erlangga, alerted, insisted on accompanying Fitra to search for Kejora.
Hanifah and Janet eventually relented and sent Rian to the hospital but warned Bintang against revealing Rian's true identity.
Rian in a coma, met up with his daughter's wandering spirit in heaven and told her that they should all be together before disappearing back into his unconcious body.
Elsewhere, Kejora's spirit did not know how to get back to her lifeless body.
Erlangga stumbled across her and picked her up with Fitra's help and rushed her, half lifeless to the hospital.
Rian needed an operation to save his life, Hanifah was reluctant to pay for it but Bintang threatened her and she got Bintang to promise to pretend she was someone else and never reveal herself to her sister or father or anyone else. After the operation, Rian gained consciousness but found himself paralyzed.
At the hospital, Kejora, Fitra dan Erlangga missed seeing Rian being wheeled into the treatment room, but outside, after Kejora and Fitra had passed by, as Bintang was wiping her tears, she dropped her handkerchief and Erlangga picked it up for her. Just then, Kejora turned to wait for Fitra and Erlangga to catch up when she spotted Bintang. Immediately, she hugged Bintang and cried but Janet and Hanifah came along hand signing threatening to kill Rian if Bintang did not play her part. Miserably, she pretended she was not Bintang and told Kejora she was mistaken and shove Kejora away from her and ran away.
Kejora was stunned but she was also convinced that the girl she saw was her long lost sister and decided to visit Hanifah and Janet.
Around the same time Bintang went to check up on her father and was horrified that Hanifah and Janet had took him home without the proper care and attention he needed and also went to Hanifah's home to find out more but was horrified to see her step mother and step sister ill treating her father.
Just as she was leaving, she bumped into Kejora again and Kejora was even more convinced that she was her sister.
Bintang wanted so bad to confess but then Hanifah and Janet had saw them and had wheeled Rian up some stairs and were threatening to push him down if Bintang did not deny her sister and make her leave.
Confused and terrified for her father, poor Bintang pushed and slapped Kejora away and a broken hearted Kejora left, bewildered and upset.
Meanwhile, Erlangga arrange to accidently bumped into Anantha to find out more if Anantha's mother is his mother.
Kartika or Lia was unprepared and horrified to see her elder son at the door and rushed to her room to hide confusing Anantha.
A heartbroken Erlangga left after telling his mother there was never going to be any other relationship between him and his mother.
Kejora bumped into him in the park and Kejora told him she understood how he was feeling.
He responded by asking Kejora to stop crying because she looked ugly crying and she told him to stop crying as it did not suit him either. He leaned forward and kissed Kejora on her cheek leaving her stunned, before admitting that he liked her. Then, the arrogant part of him realized what he was saying and he started laughing. A stunned Kejora asked him why he was laughing and he told her he was joking, and did Kejora actually believe he meant it? Kejora was really upset and left. In truth, Erlangga did really liked her but he was terrified of being pushed or rejected by Kejora thus the statement.
He regretted his words, realizing he probably hurt her feelings and so he decided to go and apologise but only to find Kejora with Fitra wiping away her tears.
Fitra then encourage Kejora to seek nenek gautama out and explain and Kejora agreed to give it a try.
Just before Kejora got to nenek's home, nenek received a surprise visitor in the shape of her daughter in law, Lia, who wanted to seek Erlangga out. However her pleasure turned to dismay and disappointment when Anantha turned up as well, apparently following his parent and Nenek chased Lia away, entering her house and collapsing on the sofa, where Kejora found her.
Kejora quickly called Erlangga only to let Janet pick up the phone in his office and quickly, Janet decided to make opportunity of the situation to win both nenek Gautama and Erlangga's affection by telling them she was the one who found nenek and saved nenek, omitting the fact it was Kejora who tried calling Erlangga and whom she chased away.
Kejora appeared again at Nenek's home and Erlangga invited her in much to Janet's displeasure, and furious, she and her mother cooked up a scheme to put Kejora out of the picture. She exchanged nenek Gautama's medication with something else and put the remaining tablets into Kejora's bag and insisted Kejora feed nenek her medication.
Naturally , Nenek got ill and Janet started hinting about who could have poisoned Nenek. They rushed Nenek to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that Nenek was poisoned. Just then, Janet push past Kejora and purposely spilled the contents of Kejora's handbag, thus revealing the bottle of medicine she has planted there.
Furious, nenek called the police to arrest Kejora who stood her ground despite Erlangga pleas for her to go away before the police came.
The police came and took Kejora away and put her behind bars much to Janet and Hanifah's delight.
Erlangga tried to get the lawyer to secure Kejora's release from the prison but Janet overheard and quickly prompted and poisoned Nenek's ears and Nenek stopped Erlangga, forbidding him and the lawyer to release Kejora from prison.
Helpless, Erlangga visited Kejora and swore to try get her out. Putting his pride and ego aside, he approached Fitra who was furious to hear that Kejora was in prison for something she did not do and he lashed out at Erlangga, blaming Erlangga and his family for continuously hurting and putting Kejora in difficult situations, before rushing off to try to get Kejora out from prison.

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