Mar 5, 2011

Kejora and Bintang.. (Continuation of the story...)

(Taking up where we left off...)
Nenek put Kejora and Erlangga in charge of opening a new restaurant and and both of them grew closer.
Erlangga's long lost mother Bea or now known as Karthika came home from overseas to find her youngest son Anantha critical in hospital and in a fury sacked Minah and chased Bintang out of the hospital.
Bintang left, walking aimlessly when Janet chanced upon her and tried to knock her down in her car. Fortunately, Karthika, on her way home from the hospital saw that and managed to stop Janet from hitting Bintang. She then took Bintang home with her and listened to Bintang's story.
Karthika had Anantha sent to a specialist centre in Singapore to recuperate, while she stayed back in Indonesia, hoping to find and reunite with her elder son, Erlangga, but fearing rejection and condemnation.
Janet tried to make Nenek Gautama listen to her recording, but earlier, Erlangga's suspicion has be roused and he exchanged the cassette with another, saving Kejora for the moment.
However Kejora later took it upon herself to tell Nenek the truth when Erlangga cut in and pulled her away.
A furious Hanifah realised Rian her husband was still working for Fitra.
Fitra asked Rian or better known as Pak Wawan to get him some flowers for a special girl. Pak Wawan could not find the roses Fitra asked him to buy, so instead got him some white lilies, which reminded him of his daughter Kejora. And since Fitra gave that flowers to Kejora, she was reminded of the time her father used to give her white lilies and she started crying.
Bintang, staying with Karthika, took it upon herself to continue the search for her sister Kejora when Hanifah came upon her and tried to pull her into her car. Fortunately, Bintang yelled and people came and in a huff, Hanifah left. Karthika came and got her and took her home, and made Bintang change her appearance a bit.
Rian came upon Bintang and tried to approach her but Bintang, unaware, got into Karthika's car and karthika saw Rian's approach, thinking it was more threat to Bintang, stopped him and insisted Bintang was her daughter Tia and that he was mistaken. Confused, Rian left it alone, especially after Karthika threatened to call the police.
Erlangga begins feeling possesive over Kejora and dislikes it immensely whenever Fitra comes around paying her too much attention.
Janet, getting frustrated, goes along with her plan to bring Kejora down and uses a spare tape on the day of Kejora and Erlangga's hotel opening. Nenek Gautama hears the tape and collapse from shock and was rushed to the hospital by Kejora and Erlangga.
In the hospital, Erlangga expresses his fears to Kejora and Kejora wipes away his tears, and comforted him, as Fitra walked in on the scene and blew his top in jealousy. Kejora pulled him outside and asked him why he was behaving thus when he confessed that he loved her. Erlangga overheard. She turned Fitra down citing she was not ready for a relationship, at least not before she found Bintang, and Fitra told her that she was not only turning him down because of Bintang but also because of Erlangga.
Kejora returned to nenek's hospital room to a very cold Erlangga. Just then nenek woke up and chased her out of the room also. A broken Kejora, left the room, heartbroken and hurt, whilst Erlangga just looked on... (To be continued)
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