Mar 25, 2011

Kejora and Bintang .. Continuation..

Anantha asked some of his father's men to help remove Rian from Hanifah's home. The men broke into the house, drugged all three evil women (Hanifah, Janet and Minah) and tied them up before carrying Rian away from the house.
With proper treatment, Rian soon began to speak again and move his hands around.
Elsewhere, Kejora languished in prison as Fitra to his disappointment could not get her out. The only way she could get out from prison was if the court found her not guilty or if nenek withdrew her charges against Kejora.
Erlangga never fail to visit Kejora and swore to do his best to convince Nenek Gautama to release Kejora but Nenek remain stubborn also due to Janet's poisonous words.
Hanifah took the opportunity to blackmail Bintang. She waylaid Bintang and took Bintang and Anantha to the police station and pointed out to Bintang how Kejora was locked up and told Bintang that in return for Kejora's release, Bintang would have to surrender her father back to Hanifah. Rian insisted on going back after knowing the terms and condition.
Surprised how quickly they fall into her trick trap, Hanifah who had no intention of releasing Kejora as she preferred her step daughter to rot there, moved Rian to a rented house away from Jakarta with Minah as his minder.
Erlangga however handed over the bottle of pills found in Kejora's bag to Fitra, beseeching to check it out. The results was there were Kejora's thumbprints and also Janet's. Thus, they ambushed Janet and asked her to confess. Janet naturally refused to confess. But when pressed, again and again, she decided to agree but on the condition Erlangga will make her his fiancee and bride. Erlangga balked at the thought, and refused. But Kejora's situation at the lock up was deteriorating and so he agreed reluctantly.
Elsewhere Karthika found out that Bintang is really the daughter of the woman she hit and killed all those years ago and she told Bintang to go and forbade Anantha from befriending Bintang
Janet finally planned out how she would 'confess' to get Kejora out of prison.........
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