Mar 17, 2011

Of ungratefulness, discontentment and making others miserable..

There's a person I know who is already in her middle years. She has always been self centred, a gambler, and she was a single mother, but kinda neglected her child and sometimes abused her child.
From her negligence, her daughter grew up insecured, mentally, physically and sexually abused (by men her mother dated and who saw a chance to take advantage of a sad, lonely, attention seeking child), and prone to self infliction or self harm. The daughter attempted suicide a couple of times, by strangling herself but only to faint and come around minutes later.
When the girl was big enough, she escape her mother and abusive step father (who was one of the men who took advantage of her and sexually abused her too) by quickly getting married to a man a few years her senior who adored her and eventually made her own life.
The girl was not rich but she worked hard and earned reasonably well to live a somewhat comfortable life with her husband and kids.
The woman, her mother, eventually divorced her 2nd husband and set out to find another man to cater to her whims and fancy only to be met with a 'dead end' which happened to be her boyfriend's son.
She seeked her daughter who did not have the heart to turn her mother away or bore any grudges towards the older woman, but she could never forget what the older woman had done to her.
The experience had made the younger woman, stronger and determined to give her children the best she could afford and made them the centre of her universe.
However, the older woman who came to stay was jealous and annoyed when she notice how her daughter would easily spend money for her offsprings but not offer her anything.
Whenever she visited her daughter and grandchildren, she would start arguing with her grandchildren and daughter, so much so that most of the times, her eldest grandchild would be stressed out and upset when he learn of his grandmother's presence in his home. She was eaten by envy and possibly, also by guilt. She was also annoyed she was being placed at the back seat of her daughter's life.
Since her current boyfriend refused to marry her or give in to more of her whims and fancy, she sought her son in law's assistance and pleaded for a chance to move in with her estranged daughter and grand children.
Feeling sorry for her, and being a kind hearted person, he told her she could come and stay much to his wife's and children's shock.
Now, this elderly woman, was a very fussy woman who expects a lot, wants her freedom to do as she please, eats a lot and eats whatever fancy food she wants without willing to do her part in contributing, but instead expects people to sponsor her whims and fancies.
What would you do if you were in the son in law or daughter's shoes?... How would you act as the daughter (younger woman) or how would you get your son to accept this lady?....

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  1. Once we have become matured, we learn to let go of the pass and accept whatever our parents are. Its not easy to let go of the pain the have caused, however its harder to let go of our parents despite their not-so-perfect being.

  2. yeah.. I suppose you have a point there


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