Mar 14, 2011

Story of a 6 year old who lives alone.... (sad..)

Got this via email..... so sharing it here.....

This is a story of a courageous boy.. who is full of innocence..

say a prayer for him, good wishes.. that everything will be ok for him in the near future..

A-Long demonstrates Chinese kung-fu.It is hard to imagine that the cheerful child has lost both his parents.

A hillslope overgrown with tall grass is A-Long's playground. The village committee sometimes send him living supplies to make sure he does not starve or feel cold.

Ah Long carrying firewoods down the mountain path to his home
Ah Long carrying firewoods down the mountain path to his home

A six-year-old HIV carrier, has been living alone since his parents died of AIDS.
The boy, known as Ah Long, does his own washing, cooking, studying and he also rears some chicken.
He lives in his parents' house at the foothill village of Malu Mountain in Liuzhou in Guangxi Province, China.
Ah Long has an 84-year-old grandmother, who visits him quite frequently and cooks for him.
The granny has also planted some vegetables near the house for Ah Long.

Ah Long making a fire to cook dinner
Ah Long making a fire to cook dinner

Ah Long does know what AIDS is.
All he knew was that his friends never want to be near him, doctors did not want to treat his wounds and his only family member – his granny – refused to live with him.
He was also rejected by the nearby primary school.
The only companion the boy has is a dog called Lao Hei.

Ah Long playing with Lao Hei in front of their house
Ah Long playing with Lao Hei in front of their house

Due to his complicated family background, the Welfare Department has declined to take care of the boy.

Ah Long studying in his room alone
Ah Long studying in his room alone
He receives 70 yuan (RM33) monthly subsistence allowance from the civil bureau but it is not enough.

After Ah Long's story was published in Chinese newspapers, a couple announced that they would adopt the boy.

However, it has yet to materialise.
More pictures of him.

A-Long lives in a hut on Malu Mountain that has no windows and leaks when it rains. His new blanket was given to him by a kind-hearted soul.

Six-year-olds like him normally have many mischievious playmates, but not A-Long.His parents suddenly moved to the mountain far away from the village.

A-Long has had his dog "Lao Hei" for a few years. Lao-Hei is at his side whenever A-Long is up and about. They are each other's closest friends.

Mrs Li gave a basketball to A-Long. He plays with it for an entire afternoon on the uneven, dusty ground. Social workers sometimes visit to give him cookies and crackers.

A-Long's grandmother visits him to bring him donations from the village committee. He will receive 70 yuan from November onwards. The amount increases to 100 yuan from next year onwards.

His grandmother visits every few days. A-Long shows her his lunch of noodles.She wanted to send him to attend first grade, but the rest of the parents protested when they learnt of his condition.

A-Long wanders along the hills nearby. Social workers say that it is still best for relatives to adopt him.

Despite his small stature, A-Long frequently explores the hills nearby. He brings home firewood whenever he sees logs on the ground. At six years old, he has learnt to cook, wash, rear chickens and gather firewood.

Boredom is a constant enemy for A-Long.Only when his grandmother visits does he have company.

His parents built this hut six years ago, but their death left A-Long all alone. At six years old, he has learnt to cook, wash, rear chickens and gather firewood.

A-Long starts a fire to cook dinner. A few broken branches and some old newspaper later, a fire starts. Kind-hearted people who wanted to adopt him after his parents' death backed out after they learnt of his condition.

He thinks that he leads a good life because he has Lao Hei. Even though his family has met with misfortune, A-Long has not shed any tears.

A-Long hugs Lao Hei in front of his hut. Lao Hei sometimes sleep with him and guards the door.

His dinner consists of rice and vegetables without salt or any other garnishes. Leftovers are given to Lao Hei.. Recently, A-Long received 20kg of rice and 5kg of noodles from a kind-hearted person.

A-Long goes on guard whenever strangers go past. He is afraid they will steal his chickens.

In the evening when the temperature dips, A-Long boils water and takes a bath in the chilly wind.

A-Long kicks a ball around in the front yard.

A-Long sustained this injury when cooking dinner. A large burn scab covers his left hand between the thumb and index finger.

The future is unclear for A-Long. No one knows what will happen.

If you see someone without a smile today give them one of yours!

Live simply,
Love seriously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly,


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