Apr 26, 2011

The continuation of Kejora dan Bintang

Rian, in his role as Karsim, looked out for his daughter Kejora as his wife and stepdaughter along with Minah thought up ways to create more problems and injuries for both Kejora and Bintang.
Janet brought back some medication to make Kejora hallucinate and hopefully mad. Karsim saw and in the sly exchanged the medication for similar capsules filled with glucose and flour. And when Minah added the 'poison' to Kejora's food, he added the medicine to Janet's food.
As a result, Janet started hallucinating and getting haunted by thoughts of her bad doings. And in one of her fits, she tried to attack and stabbed Kejora but Erlangga rescued Kejora just in the nick of time, getting stabbed instead.
Karsim then fooled Hanifah and Minah by convincing them to admit Janet into the psychiatric ward.
Hanifah worried about her daughter and at the same time wondered why Kejora remain uninfected by all the medication give to her.
Around the same time, Fitra realise Kejora was still pining over Erlangga even if she put on a brave front and remained loyal to him. He decided to release her but she refused, so he pulled Lena in and told Kejora that he was in love with Lena. Unbeknownst to him, Lena was also in love with him, but knew she could not get his love.
Kejora finally went back to Erlangga who proceeded to be over protective of her. Much to the point of being hyper suspicious of Rian in his role of Karsim, having overheard a conversation between Hanifah and Minah. Fitra too voiced his suspicions having found bottles of alcohol in the trash at Hanifah's house and Rian's suspicious behavior.
Janet tried to escape but got caught.
On a second or third try, Janet finally escaped. She came across Bintang who was depressed having found out the truth about Tante Karthika and was walking blindly along the road. The vengeful and hateful Janet grab hold of a temporarily stalled motorbike and proceeded to hit and knock Bintang into a ravine, where she fell.
Kejora walking around the same area with Minah who was trying to drag her home to supposedly witness Erlangga quarrelling with Karsim/Rian heard her and looked for her sister. Minah saw Bintang first and tried to kick Bintang , who had already climbed to the top of the ravine, down again, wishing she would just die.
Somehow, Kejora found her and held on to her sister but Bintang fell down the ravine again.
Erlangga and Rian, in search for Kejora found them and rushed Bintang to the hospital where she was in critical condition for a while.
Rian and Erlangga comforted a shocked and miserable Kejora.
Bintang needed a surgery to recover and when Janet learnt about it, she tried to stop the doctor from getting to the operating theatre on time and tried to bribe him, but the doctor was adamant and left Janet there gnashing her teeth on frustration of being twarted.
Bintang eventually recovered and as they wondered they should go, Rian told his daughters that they will temporarily live in Hanifah's house.
Janet and Hanifah were annoyed as hell and Janet tried to push Bintang down the stairs. Bintang stumbled and Rian saw this and attacked his step daughter, as Bintang muttered going out to look for her sister. He finally revealed himself as the real Rian and not Karsim, as Hanifah and Minah still thought of him as and chased them out of the house.
Hanifah and Janet refused to go and attacked him, but luckily, Kejora, Bintang and Erlangga came to his rescue and Erlangga told Hanifah and Janet they should leave.
The three harpies left, angry, frustrated and swearing vengeance.
Hanifah and Janet got robbed but fortunately Minah had money for them to rent a house.
They then set to report Rian to the police, seeing that now, they had nothing much to lose, and the police came after Rian.
Rian wanted to turn himself in but Kejora and Bintang pleaded with him to run away with them. Fitra drove them away and with Erlangga, rented a house for them.
Rian then suffered from high blood and Kejora went to get some medication when she was arrested coming out. The police has been tipped off by Janet.
The police questioned kejora but she refused to answer, preferring to be incarcerated in her father's place.
However, Rian learnt of it and went to turn himself in. Kejora got freed but refused to leave the prison, choosing to stay close to her father despite pleas from Fitra and Erlangga. Bintang also opted to stay with her sister.
Erlangga and Fitra did their utmost best and explored all options as to how to free Rian. The insurance company finally agreed to drop all charges against Rian if he pays what they had paid out for his death plus a fine.
Fitra and Erlangga did their best to raise some cash but it wasn't enough.
Janet tried her damnest to frame Kejora again for a robbery she perpetuated but Nenek on seeing her smirking away slapped her and refused to fall for her tricks.
Nenek, studying Kejora decided to give half of her fortune to Kejora and the other half to Erlangga. Kejora refused to accept it at first but eventually relent when Erlangga advised her to. He told her to used some of the money with his and Nenek's blessings to pay off her father's debts and free her father.
Rian gets free. Janet and Hanifah coming to the prison to smirk and irritate were unpleasantly shocked when Rian came out of the prison in regular clothings, brandishing his free papers. They were even more frustrated and upset when they learnt that Nenek has bestowed half her wealth upon Kejora....
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