Apr 2, 2011

Kejora and Bintang .. Continuation...

Janet bribed bibik Darsi, a maid in Nenek Gautama's house to explain about how the pills got mixed up, extracting herself and also helping out by giving Kejora an alibi.
Nenek, feeling sorry for having misjudge Kejora quickly signed the release forms and freed Kejora. Kejora had already collapsed in her cell, and the prison warden quickly called Fitra to collect Kejora. Fitra took Kejora home. Hanifah took Bintang and Anantha to witness an unconcious Kejora being taken away by Fitra to 'prove' that Hanifah has kept her 'agreement' of freeing Kejora in return of Bintang surrendering her father to Hanifah and Janet.
Meanwhile, Erlangga is forced into an engagement with Janet. He seek out Kejora the day before his engagement celebrations and spent the day with her trying to relish the moment before it was taken away.
Nenek noted Erlangga's reluctance and tried to get him to cancel the engagement but Erlangga shrugged her off citing that he knew what he was doing. Nenek wanted to buy Erlangga time but Hanifah and Janet hurriedly rushed up the engagement when they overheard Nenek planning to delay the engagement.
Kejora arrived at the engagement thinking she could be brave and watch Erlangga go through the ceremony, but instead broke down and excused herself. Fitra watch her go and went in to the hall to get Erlangga , threatening to kill him in front to Janet to Janet and Nenek's horror.
Once he manage to drag Erlangga out , he release Erlangga and told Erlangga to go after Kejora. Erlangga found Kejora in tears and went to her.
Hanifah suspecting something amiss got bibik Minah to threaten Rian with a snake and video tape it.
Then the two evil witches (Hanifah and Janet). Came across Kejora in Erlangga's arms. Fitra valiantly tried to stop them but Hanifah hit him with a wood and he fell unconcious to the ground. Janet went to them and threatened to kill herself and pin the blame on them, which Kejora did not want to happen, but Erlangga couldn't care less. Erlangga told her to go ahead and kill herself if she wanted to. Just then Minah came up with the video of Rian which Hanifah showed to Kejora.
Taking pity on Kejora, Erlangga agreed to carry on with the engagement with the promise they will not hurt Kejora anymore. Janet readily agreed.
Erlangga submissively returned to the engagement party and placed the ring on Janet's finger.
Fitra regained conciousness and found Kejora in tears as she told him Erlangga has went back to continue his engagement to Janet.
Furious, and without waiting to hear more, he marched up to Erlangga and slapped him.
He then got thrown out of the ceremony and Kejora found him.
Kejora then explained that Erlangga continued with the engagement to save her.
Erlangga came upon them after managing to get Janet and Hanifah off his back after the engagement and urged Kejora to give Fitra a chance and also made Fitra promise him to take good care of Kejora. Fitra begged for a chance to make her happy and Kejora, realising that Erlangga was engaged, agreed to give Fitra a chance. Afterall, he had been there for her after all these while and he had helped her a lot.
Bintang asked Karthika if she hit her mother, but Karthika denied it. Karthika tries to find Erlangga to make her peace with him but erlangga refuses, quoting she already has another family whom she loves more then him. Karthika confesses that anantha is not her real son, just her step son whom she learnt to love. Erlangga refuses to yet accept Karthika in his life.
Rian had made his escape from Minah's clutches and was found by erlangga who took him home with him. Janet was with him when that happened and was furious she could not stop him.
Hanifah and Janet waited until Erlangga was out of the house when they went to erlangga's home to remove Rian. They then staged an accident and left Rian in the outskirts of town somewhere.
Kejora showed Fitra the video tape of her father whom he realise with shock was the man he hired and knew as Pak wawan. Now he realise why pak Wawan was so curious over Kejora and Bintang and was so suspiciously afraid of the police and so on.
Meanwhile, Karthika threaten to report hanifah to the police in the case that Bintang does not meet her father yet.
A frighten Hanifah started plotting.
Janet told Kejora that her father was in the woods somewhere and then sent a bad man to kill her. Kejora went searching for her father where Janet told her and was waylaid by the man pretending he found her father and he took her to a derelict hut and locked her inside and started to burn the hut down.
Lena, missing kejora, notified both erlangga and Fitra, who went in search for her. Erlangga however was being deliberately delayed by Janet who knew he wanted to go find Kejora. He broke off his engagement with her and left her in the clinic when she pretended to faint and be unconcious.
Fitra found Kejora and rescued her from the burning house.
Later, after erlangga found Fitra and Kejora safe together, he left and went back to the office where he was about to confront Janet when he heard her talking on the phone to the assailant about the failed attempt on Kejora's life. Realising she was the culprit, he pretended to be nice to her and ask her to give him back their engagement ring . He then told her he was taking her somewhere special for a surprise and took her to the forest area and drove away and left her there without her purse or handphone planning to teach her a lesson.
Janet wandered about, cursing and swearing vengeance on Kejora when she fell down and was bitten by a cobra. She fell unconcious and was found by a villian. He took her back to his hut and put her in stocks, planning to sell her off.
Hanifah worried , having not seen her daughter, approached Erlangga who after telling her off, eventually telling her the location he left Janet. Hanifah went to look for Janet and came across the hut where Janet was being held. She was about to release janet when the villian came back. After some arguments, Hanifah gave the villian all her jewellery to release Janet which he agreed. Then she realise that the villian was a dead ringer of her husband Rian. She started negotiating with him and then she brought him back to Jakarta to help with her nefarious plans.

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