Apr 6, 2011

Kejora and Bintang... Taking up where we left off in the last post..

Fitra, happily going steady with Kejora, finally confesses to her that he is actually a very rich man. That the house Joel (Kejora's ex boyfriend when she was still rich) pretended was Joel's was actually Fitra's and the car and company was also Fitra's .
Furious at the thought of being lied to, Kejora backed away again. But Lena advised her on it, citing how caring and loving Fitra had been all these while towards Kejora.
Then Kejora accepted Fitra in her life again, remembering all that he had done for her, after making him promise never to lie to her again.
Hanifah and Janet changed the vagrant who has locked Janet up into "Rian". Kejora meets up with Rian and believes it is her long lost father.
Anantha pleads with Erlangga to accept Karthika back in his life, explaining that Karthika has been very miserable without her son.
Elsewhere, nenek learns of Erlangga's broken engagement and encourages him to go after Kejora.
Fitra, tries to get Erlangga and Kejora back together knowing where Kejora's heart lies and wanting nothing more then to make her happy, but Kejora refuses to, holding fast to her promise to give Fitra a chance.
Erlangga finally accepts and forgives his mother and pays her a visit and meets Bintang who tells him how much Karthika misses him. Bintang requests for Erlangga's address hoping to get in touch with Kejora. She has visited Kejora at the place Kejora sells nasi uduk but was fouled by Minah and again by Hanifah who threatened her.
Hanifah then decided to bring Kejora back to the house to keep an eye on her thinking to use Karsim the villian as a bait .
Fitra and Lena advice Kejora against her plan but she refused to listen, needing to be close to her father.
Elsewhere, Hanifah has learnt of Karthika's double identity and uses it to threaten Karthika back.
Kejora moves back to Hanifah's house, and Karsim , supposedly the fake Rian comforted her. Janet came across them and started to be suspicious as Karsim seems to know a lot of things he shouldn't know.. Hanifah however, brushed off Janet's suspicions proclaiming that it was impossible her husband was the same person as Karsim as Rian could not walk.
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