Apr 30, 2011

Learning to be grateful for life's little blessings instead of find fault and complaining about everything..

I strongly believe that in order to be happy, in order to attain the almost sometimes unreachable inner peace deep within yourself, you have to come to term with yourself, what God has give you and also well, never compare it with others. If we need to do some comparing, then, compare with people who have less, and so only will we be grateful for whatever we have in life.

If we were to do otherwise, like a close relative I know, who is always looking on in envy at what others have more then her, we will end up a bitter and miserable person.

For example: If all we can afford is a Proton Saga or a Perodua Kancil, be thankful for it. If you really have to compare, compare it with your neighbour who has just an old junk, and that is how you can be grateful and happy. Do not compare yourself with the other neighbour who has a Porsche or a Mercedes as doing so can only evoke envy and you'll feel like you lost out and you will never learn to be thankful for the nice car you have.

I have a close relative who only know how to grumble and complain and never know how to be grateful for whatever she has in life.

She is not grateful for the shelter people gave to her, and instead choose to dwell on why she has to stay put in the house and help with housework. She is not grateful for the concern people give her but instead choose to bitch about how she does not like being 'controlled' when she was the one who plunged headlong into the 'relationship' herself, without anyone's advice or heeding anyone's advice.

All she knows is to use people, bitch about why and how people never make her the most important person in their lives while she complains and whines about just about everything. She is petty, bitchy, selfish and believe people should treat her like a queen but others do not deserve the same due. She is a taker, not a giver, and it does not surprise me how her relationships never seem to 'work'. And yes, she is sensitive, bitter, envious and a troublemaker.

Would that I could be rid of her presence but unfortunately, she's a close relative and I have to tolerate her where I can and just ignore or turn a blind eye and ear at other times.

In my life, I have the choice of comparing myself with people who have more or people who has less and to my beloved husband's guidance and urging, I chose to compare myself with those who has less for once in my lifetime and I find myself learning to be grateful for a lot of things instead of finding fault with things. I learn to see the silver lining in every cloud and the beautiful part of a person.

And that is one of the reason I maintain my 'family ties' to Ms Negativity or Whiner there. I try my damnest to look at her good side, which is there but rare since she is basically , a selfish, shallow and spoiled person, most of the time.

So, you can choose to look at the bright side of things and be thankful and grateful for little blessings or you can choose to be finding fault with everything and live a life full of envy and misery...

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  1. salam kenal, omputih ni tak reti sangat la.. haha.. saya tau ini sekadar entry saja.
    ~ Kita harus membandingkan dengan mereka yang lebih berjaya, jadi usahalah menyaingi kejayaan tersebut. Supaya kita memiliki yang sama seperti mereka. Bukan hanya sekadar merunggut..

  2. macam bebudak la compare bapak sapa paling hebat menyelam. budak a kata bapak dia bulih tahan napas 5 minit, budak b kata bap[ak dia lagi hebat 10 minit menyelam, budak c cakap bapak dia yang terhebat, dah 10 tahun menyelam tak timbul timbul....ngeh ngeh ngeh


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