May 12, 2011

Achieving your dreams..

Do you think it is possible to achieve your dream of financial freedom and time freedom while working for the government or private multi-national companies or the banking institutions etc.

Well, I've seen quite a number of people who started charting their destiny while working for someone else in the beginning.

Initially, they looked up articles on home-based businesses, then fine tuned it into unit trust business -Public Mutual (as we are the biggest and the no 1 unit trust company in Malaysia).

So what people do is that, they come to our unit trust business opportunity at Public Mutual Bangsar Branch Training Centre, understand what it means and what it takes to be a unit trust consultant, sign the application form and within 2 weeks they attend the full day training to prepare them for the 2-hour exam in the next 2 weeks. Then once they passed their exam,(the result is immediately known), they can start prospecting to start building their business.

In the unit trust business, we learn as we grow. The knowledge garnered can be practiced there and then. Never stop learning as every new day, every new customer or prospect teaches us something new.

Imagine, even whilst working for someone else, you can start building your DREAMS in about 1 month to set the foundation. If you like what you are doing, you will do it wholeheartedly. You will be capable of generating an additional 4 figures to 5 figures a month within a year of doing the unit trust business while working with your existing company. Ultimately, you can resign from the company, should you choose to do just that.

Furthermore, you could be travelling to exotic locations, all paid for 5 star tours etc, all free of charge, paid for by the company, like us!!!

But it's vital to try not to make enemies with your friends and bosses in your existing company because you would need them to help grow your unit trust business whether as prospects or referrals.

Interested to explore more? Please contact Dzul Rashidi at 0176830333 or Miera at 0123386033
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