May 26, 2011

At the hospital...

Oh what a bore and oh so terrifying.. I squirm at the idea of spending a night at the hospital but am being forced to spend the night here tonight.. At the surgery ward in the Putrajaya Hospital.
I have an aversion to hospitals and I hope I do not have to stay in one for any long period of time. This fear or aversion probably comes from the time my grandmother was hospitalised for over a year back when I was just a little girl.
Something about hospitals scares me and I am being forced to come and spend a night here to take care of my mother because she just finished her operation.
The operation was at her left side of the neck and they removed a few lymph nodes, the biggest measuring up to 2.5cm.
Staring at her neck , I get so worried when she starts fidgeting and moving, afraid the wound will open as they only "glue it" to seal the surgical cut.
Miss Anita, one of the surgeons in charge has been in to see her and has since left pronouncing her ok, but that we will have to go for further radio iodine treatments. Sighhhhh.
Anyway , my mother is resting and well, I , I am bored like hell, just my blackberry for companion.. So I can blog, facebook or chat on my BBM... Thank God for my faithful best friend... And I hope my mom gets better soon so I can go home to my baby and my comfy bed tomorrow...
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