May 9, 2011


(hi sweetie...
sending you my naked picture i made today, hope you like it :)
c ya tommorow


Errmm... I am feeling kinda speechless having opened that email and reading that message... Who won't be? And what makes it weirder was it was sent by a girl/ lady called Iris.. Hmmm..I naturally DID NOT open the picture or the so called attachment as no1, I was surfing from my Blackberry and ,no2, heaven knows what kind of virus might attack my email or laptop/ Blackberry and no3 I am not a pervert.
However, it also brings to mind the games con men or ladies play to con unsuspecting victims into parting with their wealth or what so ever... Scary...
Now, how about sending me a gorgeous nude pic of some playgirl hunk or so into my email mailbox.. LOL.. Just kidding...
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