May 16, 2011

Fat me...

Something makes me ponder.. Lately, this week especially, lots of people (including my mother in law and my dear hubby ) said I put on weight.
And yes, I admit it's true, I look awful in many of the pictures taken in the latest NSC and AAN (Public Mutual functions)
However, it puzzles me, for the whole of last week, I had barely eaten anything. I've only touched half a plate of rice and at other times eating nothing but noodles(even this was cut down) or just dishes.
At the NSC luncheon, I only ate 4 small thin slices of the cuttlefish curry, vegetables, broccoli and a piece of fish.
Even last night at the Annual Awards dinner night, I only ate the first few courses and sparingly, skipping even the buttered prawns and fried rice and dessert except for the honey sea coconut.
I have definitely laid off eating much chocolate as well.. So it really is mind boggling to me why I am looking so bloated. Is it an illness festering inside me or what? Hmm... Thyroid problems like my mom? Or is it just paranoia and stress getting me work up like this?
Well, whatever it is, I hope I can look better for my Phuket trip in a couple of days time... 0_o
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  1. Don't worry about looks. Take care of your health, enjoy life n appreciate everyone around you.


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