May 8, 2011

Happy sweet 16th birthday to my dear eldest daughter

My eldest turned 16! Reluctantly, I threw her a party at a cafe. I only wanted a small party, so it suited me fine that I found a cosy little place in Evoke -I cafe in Prima Sri Gombak. They gave me a nice venue and setting for very reasonable price per head.
We had fried rice, fried bee hoon, spring rolls, sauteed black pepper sausages and cucur udang / prawn fritters, fruits (water melon and oranges) and teh tarik and rose syrup.
We had only very close relatives and very close friends invited (so sorry to those not invited...- not enough budget)
Anyway, as Malaysian time would have it.. We started slightly later then expected but all went well.. And my lovely 16 year old daughter got lovely gifts.. The best of all was from my cousin- something valuable, she can and hopefully will treasure for a very long time, if not forever...
Thanks to all guests for coming and helping make this small party a success and a memorable one for my grown girl...
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