May 16, 2011

My motivation...

The picture with this blog here of mine is of my favourite snow globes and also one of my treasured fridge magnets.
They are my reminders and my motivation for next year.
Tokyo, Japan or Los Angeles, California (USA) is target based at my company. Public Mutual is sending agents who qualify to either place, there is another place, Guang Zhou, China, but I am not that excited over that prospect, thus I need to try my utmost best to qualify for Tokyo, at very least.
At the same time, you might notice the Cambodia snowglobe in the picture.. Well, easy, I hope to be able to save enough money and scrap together a few friends and see if we can travel cheap to Siem Riep, Cambodia as I would dearly love to see the beauteous and famous Angkor Wat up close and personal, if I can..
Ok, I know I earn enough to be able to afford it, but the problem is I have a lot of things to pay up and a family to feed, too.. So it's a little tough..
So, wish me all the best.. Hugs
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