May 26, 2011

My Phuket trip in words - Day 2

I woke up at 4.30am and went to take my shower. It woke Eshah, my roommate up. We got ready. I decided to use the cloth I bought at the Wat Chalong as a blouse. We left our hotel room and wandered around the hotel lobby taking some pictures and decided to visit the Beachside wing, since we were staying at the lakeside wing but could not find a short cut there, so I asked the concierge who told us that we could use the hotel's Tuk Tuk to the other wing. On learning it was complimentary, we jumped at the offer.

Eshah and me went to the Beachside wing. They had a lounge there and steps to the 1st floor restaurant. We wandered there and I came across Arif, my colleague and friend from my home branch office and decided to have some breakfast there with Arif and the other group, most which were heading home on that very day.
After breakfast, we went to check out the swimming pool area and such before heading back to our own wing via the hotel's Tuk Tuk.
Then we went to our swimming pool area, found it bigger then the beach wing pool with satisfaction, and took note of the gym and the spa there as well.
Then we went to join our group E2 for another round of breakfast..
Then our tour bus along with our two trusty guides, Marcia from Malaysia itself and Anu from Thailand headed north of Phuket island into Phang Nga and to the bay area where we boarded a boat to Ko Pingan where the James Bond island is. We passed lots of pretty shaped limestone 'islets' and islands and under one of it which has a 'tunnel'. There were lots of people canoeing around the area. We took some pictures, group pictures and explored the little narrow caves around there. It was fun.
We came back and stopped at the Malay fishing village for lunch. The food was sumptuous. More seafood.. Fish, prawns, crabs.. My eldest daughter won't know how to appreciate this fare but me, I loved it.. Minus the rice.
We headed back to shore and then visited a t shirt 'factory' and also the world's biggest Gems store. I did not have enough money to buy me a pair of pearl earring as my debit card refused to work!!! :-(
And only settle for a pretty heart shaped oyster necklace for myself, instead, which set me back 290 bahts.
Then we headed for dinner at a muslim restaurant called Marina kitchen. The food was nice but spicy.
We then went back to the hotel, got ready and a few of us planned to meet up for a sojourn into Phuket's red light district of Soi Bangla.
It was pretty titillating and interesting seeing ladies and also lady boys gyrating and pole dancing. Many tourists, like us, as well as punters and their would be clients would ogle and salivate over them. There were also a big number of sexy ladies and lady boys inclusive, obviously prostitutes hawking their wares in incredibly short and tiny dresses. We wandered down the road, took some pictures and went in search of some massage.
Finally, a couple of us and me settled for foot massage in a little cozy place near Jungceylon for 300 bahts for an hour. It was a nice experience and tired as I am, I fell asleep and even started storing, to my chagrin and embarrassment. When it was over, we walked back to the hotel and tucked ourselves into bed, drained out from the eventful day.
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  1. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.
    I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.


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