May 27, 2011

Phishing, scamming, cheating online

I have 3 email address, one of my main email address is over 12 or 13 years old. And everyday, I get emails from stranger wanting to "request my assistance" or so, wanting to give me a huge amount of money that I think by now if I accepted everyone's kind offer, I would be richer then Bill Gates by now... Or NOT...
Even Microsoft, Coca Cola, Hyundai, and lots of companies tell me I won some lotteries or lucky draw. Western Union tells me to go collect hundreds of thousands.
And lately, banks ask me to verify my account or have my account blocked. Hmm... Silly me, I just ignore and delete them all!!!! If I did not, perhaps I would have had enough money to go around the world with my family, pay off my debts, probably buy myself an island or a private jet, donate tens of thousands to deserving causes and all.
But you see, the funny thing was I did not have an acct in the bank that sent me that message and there was an incident when Yahoo send me a email asking to reverify my email and I sent it on directly to yahoo and Yahoo themselves said they never send it and it was a scam.
Fellow readers here, fellow friends, don't be so gullible and don't fall for all that tricks. They will only make your life more difficult and harder as per in the newspaper today (The Star 27/5/11 ) . Never do anything online. If you need to, go get it verified in your bank or call them first at your regular place.
In the newspaper, they mention a session court judge, an acct exec and all falling for that trick and losing all the money in their bank acct. Heck.. Those crooks made more then RM4 million on that only!!!!
Wise up and it's always better to be cautious, suspicious and safe then sorry.
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