May 28, 2011

Trip to Phuket in words (day 3)- 20th May 2011

Woke up at 4.30am local Thai time. Fiddled around with my luggage and things before taking my bath and with that, giving my dear room mate Eshah a wake up call. I have already notice each time I take a bath, she would wake up.
Waited until she finished her bath and we took the hotel's Tuk Tuk to the beachside hotel where we walked from there in the early morning to the Hard Rock Phuket, just to take a few pictures and a stroll to Patong Beach and back via Soi Bangla. In the early morning, it was quiet and less seedier then it was at night. But there were a few hookers and lady boys around still guzzling beer and hoping or looking for customers.
We made it back to our hotel and breakfast with our group at the bistro and hopped on the tour bus to head towards the Island Safari Camp.
There, we got to get on top of real live elephants- all of us!!! Two people on an elephant. It was exhilarating and also scary. I guess the scariest part was when the elephant stepped down into a little stream and we were kind of tilted. But it was fun and we took lots of photographs even though we were not really supposed to.
Then we got to watch an elephant show and a monkey show and got on top a bullock cart for a ride and yet another group photograph.
We left the camp to head to Chalong Bay to the Angkae seafood restaurant with a view to just die for or at least admire to the point of breathlessness.. It was just so picturesque and calming and the food was just fabulous!!! There was a simply gorgeous steamed snapper, lovely black pepper crabs, prawns, yummy tom yum, and deliciously rich seafood dish cooked in what seems like the "Penang Nyonya Laksa Lemak". And served inside a coconut!!!! Eshah and me could not get enough of it!!!
After meal, all of us gathered at the edge of the restaurant to take lots of pictures of the gorgeously blue Andaman sea.
Eshah bought us both an ice lolly, on seeing our tour guides sucking on one and it was delish!!!
The bus took us back to Wat Chalong for a bit as some of us still wanted to get some of the souvenirs there, after realizing that the souvenirs there were cheaper then anywhere else in Phuket.
We went back to the hotel and had our free and easy time. Eshah and me quickly went up to our hotel, changed our clothes and hit the gym for a good 15 mins and then the pool for another 10 mins, just to be able to enjoy the hotel facilities for a bit before showering and heading back out to Jungceylon and the surrounding area for some more shopping and so on.
Souvenirs were exhorbitantly costly there!!! I did not get to but as much souvenirs as I had thought to.
We then headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. Dinner was again at the Royal Paradise hotel.
After dinner, a few of us were left behind because we had booked tickets to the Phuket Simon Cabaret show.
Whilst waiting for the van to come pick us up, we went window shopping and I decided to just give in to my husband's urging of trying out the Thai massage. It was relaxing, before my masseur started forcing my body into twists and turns which made me grunt and squeak in surrender. But after the massage, my body really felt so much less stressed and lighter. I practically floated back to the hotel just in time for the van pick up. We went for the cabaret which was really interesting and funny. Those lady boys were fabulous!!!
After the cabaret, the lady boys filed outside in their glory and invited us to take pictures with them. However, if you were to take photo with them, you'll have to pay them a 'tip' of at least 100 bahts . One of my group took a picture with two of them and was 500 bahts poorer, because he had no small change!!!!
Knackered, we went back to our hotel- the Millenium and went to bed, at least that was what I did... :-(
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