Jun 18, 2011

Chocolate blessing... :-p

Lately, I would think my fridge is a chocoholic's dream.. It sure is mine.. I've been having a chocolate 'goldrush'.. Ever since two months or so, my fridge never seem to run out of chocolate..
I had penpals sending me chocolates from Japan, USA and Russia, chocolate tags, and then...
My daughter celebrated her 16th birthday and we got Cadbury chocolates and a huge Toblerone.
Some prized Leprechaun chocs, Milky Moo mints from Ireland from my dear penpal Dee, and some Milka strawberry yogurt and Daim from another dear pal in Germany, Katrin!!! Yummilicious...

My daughter gave me some Ferrero Rocher for Mother's Day and well, in between we had some Kinder Bueno milk chocolates...
My mother in law's brother who came back from Dubai gave us a huge bag of Galaxy chocolates, my cousin who came back from US gave me a box of Hawaiian Host Macadamia nuts coated in chocolate and also a bag of Hershey Hugs chocolates (yeah, there's 'hugs' as well, not just 'kisses'), my sister in law lavished us with chocolates and toffees from Harrod's, Buckingham Palace Souvenir shop, Quality Street and Thornton's.
Oh.. I can imagine how it is like in Willy Wonka's world.. I am so loving it!!! But is it a wonder if we all put on some weight from all these chocolate temptations... :-p
But whatever it is, I am blessed and I do really so love my chocolates.. And thanks to everyone who has indulged me and my girls with all those chocolates!!!!! We LOVE it so much!!! Thanks!!!!
(Picture here shows only some of the chocolate in my fridge.. There is still more then that!!!!!)
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