Jun 2, 2011

Creating more sins to cover a sin

Today's Malaysian newspapers' ( Kosmo and Metro) headlined a case of an innocent new born baby thrown off one of the top floors of an apartment building. The baby smashed on the ground below, his poor little head smashed into bits like how a watermelon would.
Even the police officer who has to deal with the gruesome task of collecting the baby's body was sad.
What was the sin of the poor newborn baby to have his very short life ended so violently?
This is not the only case. There are so many other cases of newborns strangled, drowned, burned, left for the ants to bite and sting to death. And why? Just because his irresponsible parents did not want him or her because of the fear of shame.
Oh what would society and people say about them having a child out of wedlock? Oh, what would their parents say?
For heaven's sake, if you've made a mistake, live with it, own up to it!! Why worry what people say? Just do the right thing. There are lots of people out there, too, who made the same mistake but choose instead to face the music and the responsibility. I am not proud of it, but I am just one of them. I was also a teenager, hungry for love and affection, and I too got pregnant by my then boyfriend out of wedlock, but we both chose to face the music and whatever criticism from society or disappointment from our parents and got married and have our daughter. The first few months or maybe the first year was challenging and we probably had to put on a thick face, as we faced not only society but also friends, family and relatives, but we pulled through and our daughter is now 16, a beautiful, independent, feisty and intelligent girl and the pride of our lives and popular among her relatives, friends and such. And I am just so proud of her!!!!
So, if you've already done the sin of having sex outside wedlock and find yourself knocked up or pregnant, please instead of adding murder and taking a life to your multitude of ever growing lists of sins, why not take the responsibility to face up your mistakes or if you really can't, give the child away to a good home instead or put it in one of the baby hatches in the country. There are lots of people who want to adopt and badly want a baby. Don't kill an innocent little soul!!!!
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