Jun 1, 2011

A day of indulging my little princess

I took a little time away from work to indulge my little girl today. Considering I was working on my own, it was not a problem at all.
I took her to the Pavilion and we got our tickets for the movie "Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides". Seeing then we had an hour to kill, we hopped across the road to Starhill to check out the first Sephora store in Malaysia. Anne picked up a small bottle of the body spray "Vanilla Creme Brulee" scented. We then went to Uniqlo at the Fahrenheit and checked it out. They had awesomely cute t shirts and all but none for Anne's size. Then we went for our movie. It was pretty awesome.
After the movie, Anne wanted to go for some ice cream and pulled me into Baskin Robbins 31. Since it was Wednesday, we opted for the promotional junior sundae with Bubble Gum flavour and Vanilla yogurt with caramel ribbons and chocolate turtles.
We then went downstairs to watch the "Justice League live show" the Pavilion mall offering.
After that we went to J.Co to get half a dozen doughnuts and had a bowl of fishball noodles at the food hall. Then we took a stroll back to KLCC via Jln Kia Peng and the KLCC park to source out some possible places for our little upcoming mini gathering...
Anne had a happy day...
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