Jun 21, 2011

Of dirty tactics and back stabbing...

As a unit trust consultant since Sept 2002, I've encountered all kinds of people, clients and colleagues.
Lately, there's been a group of agents which belong to one of the top Group Agency Managers in Public Mutual who resort to a lot of dirty tactics, such as stealing other agent's agents and also other agent's clients as well as flirting or even sleeping with clients to get their sales.
These unethical agents however are almost untouchable as their group agency manager happens to be one of the top achievers and kind of have 'diplomatic immunity', at least at the moment, from the company itself which is very unfair to all us other average achievers.
What can I say, some people are just greedy, selfish and will thread on other people's toes or legs just to get what they want. They have no conscience. I hope they choke on their "ill gotten gains" (that's what I think it is..)
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