Jun 24, 2011

OMG... The things youngsters do for material / branded things!!!

I read in the Sun and also the Star about how a secondary schoolgirl had sex with 9 men over a weekend for RM1800 to buy an iPhone!! And they use Facebook, online sex forums and sex sites to do it.
As a mother and stepmother of 2 teenage girls, it is so scary!!! But what makes me wonder is how their parents don't bother where their children is?! I mean, they can ever offer overnight sex and such? What kind of parents never wonder or query and ask where their daughter is or do a spot check on them? Do they just take whatever stories their daughter or son cooks up at face value and never check?
As a parent, I do spot checks from time to time, and trying to be a cool mom at the same time, I allow my daughter a little freedom, but always check to make sure she is where she says she is. I allow my daughter her "boyfriend" too, with a strict warning that they should NOT cross the line. But fortunately, my daughter has a kind of long distance relationship with the current boy she claims as her boyfriend and he seems responsible and a good influence to her. They hardly meet but keep in touch via facebook and sms but I do check from time to time... Parents, please, for heaven's sake, check on what or where your kids are, not just let them do all they want without any monitoring !!!
All for the sake of some branded item or gadget they can show off to their friends, these kids lose all their morals and pride. Is it really worth it?

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