Jun 23, 2011

Something to ponder on....

(Got this from a friend in Facebook, Mangesh, who sends me wonderful motivational quotes and emails and am sharing it)

When you start judging yourself, by looking through the eyes of your parents, husband, friends, or boss, you will end up running around doing more and more in an effort to gain their approval.
It does not take long before you end up feeling exhausted, resentful and ready to give up. Trying to live your life by the expectations of others disconnects you from your own desires. It leaves you feeling empty and unmotivated. The gratification that comes from fulfilling the expectations of others is very little and short-lived. Reclaim the energy and happiness that is rightfully yours!
Be your own judge and live by your own expectations. As you reclaim your potential,you will thrive and feel energized, because you are accomplishing things that are important to you. Start today!
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