Sep 15, 2011

Couple who sponsored maid's studies awarded.

A Malaysian couple fully sponsored the tuition fees for their Indonesian maid to get a diploma to improve her living standards back on Indonesia . The maid got her diploma in the Open University Malaysia and is now holding a top post in a private company back in Indonesia.
The couple are now also winners of the F&N Outdo yourself Awards, which I whole heartedly agree they deserve. It takes a rare person to really have the heart to do something like this for a maid.
Sadly, too many people around believe that maids are meant to be treated as maids or even worse, slaves. Too many people do not think that these maids have feelings too, and dreams.
The Indonesian maid Sarmini was really lucky to have met wonderful people like Mr Tan Choo Tang and his wife, Mdm Wee Phooi Kuan who really went out of their way to help make their maid's life more better.
Kudos and thumbs up to Mr Tan and Mdm Wee.


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