Sep 13, 2011

Graduation from EnPro

I joined the enhanced productivity class to refresh my skills and also get new ideas to.improve myself and to provide a better service to my existing clients , back in July and well, in the process , got to know fabulous people . . Aini , Zara, Ruzi, Safiah, Wan, Kenny, Diana and Fauzi , all who are a part of my team, the Mighty eagles. . . including a lot of other friends.
Today is our graduation and we say goodbye to all and maintain friendship with most.
To all EnPro 9 friends reading this, thanks for your support all this while. Couldn't have done it or enjoy it that much without you. To all facilitators, Fauzi, Faizal, Leon, Sean, Siva and all, especially our ' headmaster' En Jamal. We'll never forget you. Hugs and thanks ever so much.

Me on graduation day!!! It was suppose to be a 70s theme. I am not sure if I got it right, but, well. . .


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